Backup Methods

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  1. Anne Ryefield profile image91
    Anne Ryefieldposted 15 months ago

    I was curious as to what everyone's backup methods are for their articles. While we hope that HubPages never corrupts server-side or disappears completely (gasp!), we all should know that the smart thing would be to have our own (multiple) copies of our articles. You are backing up your work, right?

    Share your methods. I'm looking for better ways than my own.

    1. CYong74 profile image97
      CYong74posted 15 months agoin reply to this

      I always write and save my works in MS Word. Also have a specific folder for each hub and subfolders for images on my comp too.

      If there's any edits done on my text by editors, I update my copy right away.

    2. OldRoses profile image98
      OldRosesposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      I write all of my hubs in Word and store the documents in my cloud drive.  All of the photos that I use to illustrate my hubs are stored on my cloud drive also.

  2. theraggededge profile image98
    theraggededgeposted 15 months ago

    I write in Scrivener so all the original text is safe. Then every now and then I'll go through all the hubs on my accounts page and do a 'Save linked content as...' to a Hubs back-up folder on Dropbox, making sure to save them as HTML files.

  3. eugbug profile image98
    eugbugposted 15 months ago

    I just save the HTML page to disk (just doing File -> Save from the browser menu). Hopefully future versions of browsers will be able to read the file. Even if they can't, the HTML page can be opened in any text editor, the text of an HTML page isn't encoded in binary format in HTML, it just appears as raw text. Every so often, I backup to an external hard drive and I also have Google Drive setup to automatically backup in the cloud. So that's two copies, but I should really create a third. My notebook doesn't have a CD/DVD drive anymore and that was a useful way of backing up, so the other option would be to have a USB memory stick just dedicated to HubPages work. CDR or DVDR (not CDRW or DVRW) I think is the most durable medium for backup as long as they don't get scratched, and not affected by magnetic fields.
    Whatever you do make sure you have at least two backups. When I worked as a software developer, I lost some work once and went to a floppy disk backup to recover code, but that was corrupted and I didn't have a second copy. Floppy disks weren't the most reliable backup method though.

  4. eugbug profile image98
    eugbugposted 15 months ago

    If you use Google Drive, a loophole to get more than the 15 GB free storage is to setup another account with a different email address (or add a Google account to an existing Gmail address). If your phone/tablet automatically backs up photos to the cloud, it's surprising how quickly you use up that 15 GB if backups are set to original quality. Remember a photo can be at least 5 MB, so that's just 200 photos per GB. You can easily switch between accounts now without logging out and logging in to the other account. Also I notice that unlike before, it's possible to even access one account from one tab in a browser and the other account from another tab.


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