My facebook account got after I shared my COVID 19 article

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  1. Mamerto profile image90
    Mamertoposted 13 days ago

    The title of my article never really mention that "C" word (China Virus). But when I shared my article on facebook, I got temporarily suspended. My article is all about how China should be held accountable for the COVID 19 outbreak. But somehow it was labelled as racist.

    1. Al Stine profile image95
      Al Stineposted 13 days agoin reply to this

      Hello, Mamerto.
      I browsed through your article, I couldn't see the actual racists connotations. However, there is a clampdown on misinformation regarding this global pandemic. Any information about the origins and spread of the virus should be verified by an authoritative body. I noticed your article contained certain phrases such as 'a certain Asian leader'- 'Chinese propaganda' - 'possible origins of the virus'- ' China is a bully of Asia' - 'the arrogance of China'. If you do not provide verified sources and proper context to those phrases, any online publication can flag them for misinformation, conspiracies and in the case of Facebook, racist innuendos.
      I understand the need to emphasize the origins of the virus so that we do not make the same mistakes again. But, this has now become a global problem and different countries are now dealing with the problem differently. The epicenter of the virus keeps on shifting. Playing the blame game is a slippery slope. At this point, even in the US officials are pointing fingers at each other.
      Perhaps China will be held accountable, but at this stage emphasizing where the virus came from has already created animosity not only towards Chinese people but also other people of Asian origin. And considering the ever-shifting epicenter, the blame-game also creates animosity towards people that are coming from areas that are highly affected.

  2. Mamerto profile image90
    Mamertoposted 13 days ago

    My apology for the incomplete title.

  3. Mamerto profile image90
    Mamertoposted 13 days ago

    Thanks! I was also warned by a friend that bots are doing moderation now and not people. They too also lost an account.

    1. Al Stine profile image95
      Al Stineposted 13 days agoin reply to this

      No problem, Mamerto. Stay safe.

  4. CYong74 profile image96
    CYong74posted 13 days ago

    Hi Mamerto. I'm not attempting to challenge your hub. Just wish to highlight a different narrative, as someone living in East Asia.

    Without offence, the whole "China tried to silence ..." narrative is rather simplistic and very western-media in feel. Some might even consider this as partially fake. To highlight, the virus was regularly reported about by Hong Kong and Singaporean media, etc, as early as Oct 2019.

    The story, supposedly, is that it was the local Wuhan officials who tried to cover up. Beijing ultimately found out about it and that was when real containment efforts began.

    I don't know how true this is, but it sounds possible to me. China has always suffered from what we Chinese call, the-mountain-is-high-and-the-emperor-far syndrome, as in increasing lack of control the further a city is from the capital. I believe CNN reported this in February and even highlighted that phrase.

    Personally, I also feel China's real mistake was not to impose lock down sooner. The pandemic began in earnest when Wuhan residents started traveling overseas during the Chinese New year period (Jan 24). My country, Singapore, was one of the first to be hit. Our earliest victims were all imported cases, specifically from Wuhan.

    With reference to your article, I too feel that China, or more accurately the CCP, should be held accountable. But perhaps not in the way as the western media is saying. One has to also consider why many East Asian countries and cities weren't as hard-hit, despite being the first to catch the bug.

  5. Mamerto profile image90
    Mamertoposted 13 days ago

    And thanks too. I think I will give my hub a further check.


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