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Mighty Mom Loves Her 1,000 Fans

  1. Mighty Mom profile image88
    Mighty Momposted 7 years ago

    My goodness! This is a milestone I never, ever, ever expected to reach.
    And yet, it's right there in black numbers on my profile.
    1,000 hubbers have honored me with their fandom/following.

    Thank you, thank you to each and every one of you!
    I must say, there are many things that motivate me (us) to write. Knowing that people really are reading, and apparently enjoying, my hubs, is #1 in my book!

    Please join me in celebrating. I'm so excited!!
    Champagne and caviar for all.
    Martinelli's sparkling cider or a nice cup of strong coffee and candy for my friends in recovery!

    Mighty Mom

    1. AEvans profile image69
      AEvansposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Champagne and Caviar sounds wonderful to me, Congratulations! smile

    2. mistyhorizon2003 profile image91
      mistyhorizon2003posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Congratulations MM, it couldn't have happened to a nicer hubber. Well done, we luv ya smile

  2. IzzyM profile image87
    IzzyMposted 7 years ago

    Congratulations Mighty Mom smile

  3. profile image0
    Crazdwriterposted 7 years ago

    Congrats to you MM. smile you rock!

  4. profile image0
    Justine76posted 7 years ago

    smile  OMG MM!!!!! Thats ....MIGHTY!!  You definately earned every one. Congrats.

  5. profile image0
    lyricsingrayposted 7 years ago

    You mighty Fantastic Super Hero congrats and we love you more big_smile  You were the first person I fanned when I got here and were a true inspiration.  Still are.  thank you xoxo big_smile

  6. cindyvine profile image88
    cindyvineposted 7 years ago

    Great news MM, well done!  I just noticed I've just hit 800 so I'm catching up, on yer tail! lol  Seriously, you are a great hubber and an inspirational one!  Congrats!

  7. skyfire profile image71
    skyfireposted 7 years ago

    Congratulations MM

  8. Cagsil profile image62
    Cagsilposted 7 years ago

    Congratulations Mighty Mom!!!!!!!

    WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!! smile

    Awesome Effort!!!!! smile

    Off subject: Mighty Mom - I need you to re-send your picture, if you don't mind. smile

  9. Money Glitch profile image85
    Money Glitchposted 7 years ago

    Congrats, Mighty Mom what an awesome accomplishment! big_smile

  10. Mighty Mom profile image88
    Mighty Momposted 7 years ago

    Thanks to everyone who came to my virtual fan celebration!
    You all rock.
    Hub Pages rocks!

  11. camlo profile image85
    camloposted 7 years ago

    Well done, Mighty Mom. I'll take some of that caviar. And champagne will do nicely.

  12. Misha profile image76
    Mishaposted 7 years ago

    We love ya too MM!smile

  13. emievil profile image78
    emievilposted 7 years ago

    Congrats MM! And for the 'Hubpages Elite' at the bottom of your profile big_smile

  14. k@ri profile image85
    k@riposted 7 years ago

    You are wonderful!


  15. profile image0
    cosetteposted 7 years ago

    wow, a thousand - that's impressive. kudos, MM!

  16. dohn121 profile image87
    dohn121posted 7 years ago

    Congrats, MM!  You certainly have enough to take over a small town (and you know I'm one of them!).

    You do realize that MM is roman numerals for 2,000 right? big_smile