I thought English spellings were acceptable?

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  1. theraggededge profile image96
    theraggededgeposted 23 months ago

    Just had to go through a ton of edits made by HP editors. A lot needed correction. For example, the editor changed the word 'over' to 'cover'. And in another, they'd capitalised 'tarot' throughout.

    As I have Grammarly, it became obvious that they accepted Grammarly's suggestions willy-nilly without considering the context. I don't mind small punctuation corrections, indeed, I am grateful for them, but some of these edits were odd, to say the least.

    I also noticed they'd changed all my English spellings to US spellings. I don't really care about it but I thought English spellings were acceptable? As I have a particularly British way of writing, it can feel 'off'.

    1. Miebakagh57 profile image68
      Miebakagh57posted 23 months agoin reply to this

      HubPages, is an American writing plantform.                                       American English, spelling, and punctuation seems to be first and foremost in a write. If the editor is an American, s(he) can be addict to it, despite the fact that other options like British English, and other 'standard' are readily acceptable.                                        Critically, I'm of the opinion that these types of editors are also using an American English system based editing software.                                Again, in my opinion, an editor should be a very talent writer...and able to go through a read to get a bird eye view of the English spelling, grammar, and punctuation being used by a writer before applying an editing soft ware.                                              Tarot, seems to be a proper noun. At the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence, should be capitalised.

      1. theraggededge profile image96
        theraggededgeposted 23 months agoin reply to this

        I have to correct you. 'Tarot' is not a proper noun. It's just a noun. Like 'tree'.

        However, it can be part of a proper noun, like 'The Rider-Waite Tarot'. Then it should be capitalised.

    2. eugbug profile image95
      eugbugposted 23 months agoin reply to this

      It sort of annoys me too when they change British English to UK English. However when I'm writing DIY guides, I do tend to use American terms, simply because the US is the largest market for traffic and I don't want to confuse people. So "petrol" for instance becomes "gas" and "taps" become "faucets". I usually add the non-US term in brackets when the word is first introduced in a guide, to keep everyone happy.

      1. theraggededge profile image96
        theraggededgeposted 23 months agoin reply to this

        Yes, agreed, I do that too. And I switch my Grammarly to US English as needed.

      2. PaulGoodman67 profile image96
        PaulGoodman67posted 23 months agoin reply to this

        I just try to do everything in US English really, even stuff that's aimed at Brits. I say try, because there's actually quite a few subtle and not so subtle differences.

        Of course, it's different for me as I live in the US. It's an everyday issue for me as to which words I use and how I spell them.

        Ironically, having a British accent and using British phrases carries a cachet in the US. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to translate to writing at HP!

        That sounds iffy, if what you say is true about them rushing through with Grammarly.

  2. bhattuc profile image79
    bhattucposted 23 months ago

    I don't think they are editing all the articles. They are probably doing it only for high quality ones which might get more traffic after their editing, hopefully.

    1. PaulGoodman67 profile image96
      PaulGoodman67posted 23 months agoin reply to this

      I believe that they are editing *everything* on Owlcation. I suspect that they will then go on to edit other niches too if that's deemed a success.

  3. Miebakagh57 profile image68
    Miebakagh57posted 23 months ago

    You guys have give me a hint regarding the USA market and traffic.                                                    I should now begin writing and editing in American English, puting the British counterpart (words) in bracket?                                      @theraggedege: Tarot may be a proper noun, or not. All that I know was to associate it with playing cards. And, I made or rather got a point. You're welcome. Thank you, and have a nice weekend.

    1. theraggededge profile image96
      theraggededgeposted 23 months agoin reply to this

      Miebakagh, it is not.


      Why would you put the British version in parentheses? Either write in US English or British. You can set Grammarly to either. Eventually, the editors will convert it to the US style anyway smile

      1. Miebakagh57 profile image68
        Miebakagh57posted 23 months agoin reply to this

        Bev, I've noted Wikipedia.                                      Critical of Wikipedia, and on second thought, I google 'tarot'.                                      What I found was that certain websites use the small 't' throughout. One site at astrology.com use 'Tarot' throughly.                                        Bev, why should I beat about the air on this tarot word? I'm not writing a story, nor should I. I don't even play deck of cards.                                      Bev, I've sound you that I was brought up in the British educational system, so I write in standard Brit English. I had grammarly on my laptop. When it try changing words to America, I stop it. Now, you're saying I should just go ahead, and let editors do it? I think the better opinion is to go America. Thanks.

  4. Kenna McHugh profile image91
    Kenna McHughposted 23 months ago

    Even editors need to take the time and review their work. That is an awkward change "over to "cover."

  5. theraggededge profile image96
    theraggededgeposted 22 months ago

    Surprised this morning to notice another edit... from US English to British English big_smile

    'Behavior' to 'behaviour' and 'color' to 'colour'. That's fine by me.

    1. PaulGoodman67 profile image96
      PaulGoodman67posted 22 months agoin reply to this

      I've had quite a few funny experiences. Editors editing previous editors work is not uncommon (replacing added photos, for instance).

      A recent first was me being asked add references/sources for sections of work that were actually added by a previous editor!

      Overall, I love the editing, though, it's done me way more good than harm over the years.

      However, the editors don't always sing from the same hymn sheet, that's for sure!

      1. Miebakagh57 profile image68
        Miebakagh57posted 22 months agoin reply to this

        I agreed, as I've had similar experiences.

    2. Miebakagh57 profile image68
      Miebakagh57posted 22 months agoin reply to this

      But the editors are not all playing the same tunes.                              That edit will go Canada or Australia later.


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