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  • Evidence of Primordial Life on the Waxing-Waning Moon

    Evidence of Primordial Life on the Waxing-Waning Moon

    3 days ago

    The Primordial Moon pre-dates the solar earth Moon timelessly or in trillions of years. The earth's Moon is a satellite of the earth. It is an egg-shape, dark, and rocky body.

  • The Man with the Naked Skin

    The Man with the Naked Skin

    3 weeks ago

    Man has free will to make a choice or decide. He chose to rebel evidentialing his mad state of mind. Rebels every where were regard as mad persons.

  • Coronavirus 2019 Pandemic Lockdown

    Coronavirus 2019 Pandemic Lockdown

    4 weeks ago

    The coronavirus 2019 disease is a world wide pandemic that cause the lock down of many countries, towns, islands, companies, and businesses. Transport, schools, colleges, and universities, and commerce. Exception are essential services of medicine and health professionals, and grocery.

  • Coronavirus Pandemic 2019

    Coronavirus Pandemic 2019

    2 months ago

    The existence of a virus is as old as mankind. The scientists said that the era 8000 to 2400 B C E is noteworthy. Bats and birds are noted as the evolutionary and dissemination vehicles.

  • The Elusive Search for Vitamin H Or Biotin

    The Elusive Search for Vitamin H Or Biotin

    9 months ago

    Biotin was isolated and made available in pure form by subjecting dried egg-yolks to various chemical reactions by two German chemists F. Kogl and B. Tonis. The vitamin was synthesis by Dr. Vincent du Vigneand.

  • The Moon is a Luminous Object

    The Moon is a Luminous Object

    14 months ago

    The moon appears as a luminous object at night. But it receives its light from the sun. Thus charged, it becomes self-luminous night or day.

  • The Fisher Man Friend

    The Fisher Man Friend

    16 months ago

    Fishing is a traditional occupation of the Wakirike (Okrika) peoples because the coastline is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. They have no farmlands, and they bartered fresh and dried seafood for agrarian products.

  • A Mermaid Tail Story: Where are the Mermaids?

    A Mermaid Tail Story: Where are the Mermaids?

    16 months ago

    A mermaid tail story tells you that mermaid really exists. They intermingled with human beings enticing them for coitus, and other deadly vices.

  • Garlic-Onion Complex Diet

    Garlic-Onion Complex Diet

    9 months ago

    The garlic-onion complex diet cleanses and helps evacuate dirty in the intestine. And during defecation of unwanted matters from the intestines or bowel, the gas that passes along with the feces, do not give the characteristic obnoxious or foul smell.


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