Fully support yourself financially by advertising online?

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    Hikikomoriposted 8 years ago

    Is it possible to fully support yourself financially by advertising on sites such as HubPages? I highly doubt it would be possible to do this by using HubPages alone, even if good at it, but perhaps if a person was to additionally advertise on similar sites as HubPages, it would maybe be possible.

    Generating $2000 a month through advertising would be good enough for me since I'm young, single, am good with finances, and could generate additional income on the side by doing things other than advertising.

    One of the most essential things for me to do would be to find an interested audience. I understand that setting up blogs is a great way to garner traffic to web-pages, but how would I go about acquiring appropriate followers? Would I have to follow people who I'd assume would be interested in my ads immediately prior to creating my pages?

    I await your responses.


    1. DanPowers profile image57
      DanPowersposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      In theory, yes.

      However, unless you write popular hubs 24/7 and you are a marketing genius then you'll not make $2000 a month.

      The best thing to do is to have your own product or service which you can promote on hubpages, and use the advertising income as a useful extra.

      1. KeithTax profile image71
        KeithTaxposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Nellie Hoxie makes $2,000 a month on HubPages and she has been here a year and a day. So yes, you can make nice money on HubPages.

        1. DanPowers profile image57
          DanPowersposted 8 years agoin reply to this

          Is that every month or just at Christmas?

          I still doubt it's possible, unless your hubscore is 95+.

          1. EmpressFelicity profile image76
            EmpressFelicityposted 8 years agoin reply to this

            There's no correlation between earnings and hubscore/author score, provided your author score is at least 75.  If you drop below this figure, your hubs become "no follow". (I think 75 is the correct figure - it's in the 70s, anyway.)

            1. DanPowers profile image57
              DanPowersposted 8 years agoin reply to this

              Yes there is a secret in writing good monetising hubs. You need a bit of brainwork to figure out what to write about.

              I've only been here a month and my stats aren't reliable enough to extrapolate too much. But this place does have potential.

              However my other sites have been adsensed since '03 and I have 600,000+ annual page views. Even that lot brings in very little cash, although the brilliant YieldBuild has changed my outlook somewhat!

    2. relache profile image83
      relacheposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      By advertising?  You mean spending money to promote something?  The way HubPages is set-up, trying to use Hubs to drive that much traffic to some other site will probably backfire and get you marked as a spammer.

      However, if you really mean to ask can you make Hubs and support yourself through money earned from advertising shown on them, the answer is if you put in a lot of hard work and write well, you can make a living.

  2. sunstreeks profile image83
    sunstreeksposted 8 years ago

    I currently am earning more than enough to quit my day job. All of the earnings have come from article marketing using Hubpages and sites like it to promote affiliate products.

    The only reason I keep my day job is for the medical insurance and the fact that my online income is not diversified enough.

    It's completely possible, but requires investing a lot of time and patience. Taking the time to research how others make affliate income with article marketing will cut the learning curve down a bit.

    Do not write for followers. Followers/fans do not click on ads, they rarely buy products. Look up article marketing SEO. Write for search engines. Search engine traffic is where the money comes from.

  3. profile image54
    ImproveYourposted 8 years ago

    Yes, but you should also have multiple streams of income online.

    Hubpages is just one of the many Web 2.0 properties you can use. It's part of your overall traffic plan.

  4. starme77 profile image70
    starme77posted 8 years ago

    um , yup , time , patience , and writing , I havepretty good traffic for my little 17 hubbs , cant wait to get some more out there, but it was fun when I had to leave them for 6 weeks and come back to find some $$$ in the google account , didnt expect it , so they made some money even though I was away and that is awesome smile

  5. sunforged profile image71
    sunforgedposted 8 years ago

    Im glad someone pointed that out, i would have, but i felt Dan already has all the answers.

    BTW - I work full time from home online (well actually from wherever I get a wireless signal) and I rarely have a hubscore over 95 sad

    The 75 nofollow penalty would only effect you if you used hubpages only for backlinks it doesnt have any effect on the earning potential of your hubs themselves


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