Is It Considered Spam?

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    SirDentposted 9 years ago

    I wrote a song a few years ago that has been recorded. Would it be considered spam if I link it here in the forums? It is a free download.

    1. Peter M. Lopez profile image86
      Peter M. Lopezposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Write a hub about it and link it in your hub.  You can definitely brag about it here (congrats, by the way) and let people know about it and the hub.  But, if the link promotes another site, I'd be careful about linking it here. 

      Try the hub idea.

  2. WeddingConsultant profile image69
    WeddingConsultantposted 9 years ago

    SirDent, I wouldn't think it was spammy, but that's just me.

    But could I request you post it on the following thread:   ?

    We've been talking about recording music and putting it on I think people there would be interested to hear it!