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Someone hasnt come home....

  1. salt profile image74
    saltposted 7 years ago

    We went to the beach for a swim and had a difficult moment and I went to the car, I went back to find him and couldnt, drove around and noted that he had taken his swim bag and towel, so was not still at the beach....

    Its 2.55 am here, that was at about 7 pm...

  2. Ohma profile image76
    Ohmaposted 7 years ago

    Salt I am not sure if there is a question in there or not but have you contacted the beach patrol? how old is the missing person?

  3. salt profile image74
    saltposted 7 years ago

    40s and there is no beach patrol, Im 99.999% sure he left the beach, I just dont know where...

  4. profile image0
    JeanMeriamposted 7 years ago

    He probably just needs time to calm down.

  5. Cagsil profile image58
    Cagsilposted 7 years ago

    Had a difficult moment? I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that. Did you have any argument? Or Was it much more heated than the average argument, so much so, that he was turning red?

    If so, he probably did need to calm down and it could in theory be for a few days? I would find out what the laws are for reporting a missing person.....and when the time is right and you haven't heard from him, then report him missing.

    The local police should be able to clear up any confusion about his disappearance.

    Just my thoughts. smile

  6. Shadesbreath profile image85
    Shadesbreathposted 7 years ago

    I agree with the posters above.  If it was an argument that was heated, there's a pretty good chance he is pissed and needs some time to chill out.

  7. salt profile image74
    saltposted 7 years ago

    He was talking to someone who was calling disabled people nufs - and this man was saying that they should all be neutered... I was a bit uncomfortable about what he said and had walked away. We went swimming and he went back over to this man to talk... he was bit odd today and I went to my towel and bag and went to the car... I drove back and went down to the beach and saw the couple walking up and walked down the beach to where we had been and his swimming bag and towel were both gone, so I drove up and down looking for him....then drove home, happy to have some time to myself... and he just hasnt come home yet... am a bit concerned... dont want to raise alarm bells if nothing is wrong...

  8. salt profile image74
    saltposted 7 years ago

    I know, he hasnt been well and hasnt been out on his own much for a fair time now, so being this late out is something he hasnt done for 3years... and being a bit oddly mooded today, I thought him catching public transport home would calm him down.. dont mind if hes out and ok, then Im just a bit upset that no message has been left so I can sleep.

  9. profile image0
    Poppa Bluesposted 7 years ago

    I hope everything works out for you.

    1. salt profile image74
      saltposted 7 years agoin reply to this


  10. donotfear profile image88
    donotfearposted 7 years ago

    You have a right to be concerned. Noticing any change in regular behavior is a good point. If he's not home by morning, maybe you need to call the police. I would be suspicious of the other person he was talking to, as well. I'll keep checking back to see what happened.

    1. salt profile image74
      saltposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      thanks, thats whats upsetting me alittle... I walked away from someone that I thought was a bit odd, but I left him there. I thought he might follow me, say his goodbye excuses and follow, I saw the couple walking from the beach but not him,.. and I went to where he had been swimming and saw his swim bag had gone...

      He might be just out somewhere and ok.. and he has a dentist appointment at 12.15. I rang the police tonight and explained what happens when he has gone out at times... and they said if hes not home for his appointment then start contacting people.

      The man who he had been talking to, said he was from bendigo, and bendigo has been called gold town at times and linked to some conspiracy theory, so there is a little part of me that is worried. But that can be my imagination playing ....

  11. Lynda Gary profile image55
    Lynda Garyposted 7 years ago

    Does he have a cell phone?  Have you tried calling?  Even if he isn't answering, they should be able to track the phone -- it it comes to that.

    The badly behaved couple on the beach who were referring to the disabled in an unacceptable way: Even though they come from a bad area, and acted badly, and clearly upset your boyfriend/husband/friend (??), the fact that they were STILL THERE when you returned seems to indicate that they unlikely have anything to do with your friend's disappearance.

    The odd thing, though, is that YOU were not the apparent subject of his being upset; the couple on the beach was.  So I am concerned that he wouldn't return home, to you.  If the two of you had a fight, that would change things.

    Yes, keep us all informed please!  We'll worry and pray with you.

    1. salt profile image74
      saltposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      NO, I was upset by the man speaking that way, he wasnt. Bendigo is not a bad area, its a country town, but there are rumours of one of those odd groups.

      He doesnt like having a mobile, here we call cell phones, mobiles. Maybe he will now.

      I cant feel him as hurt or frightened, in fact, I feel quite calm. I see sandringham station, but dont know where he went from there. It might be good for him to be out for awhile.

      I just saw something odd in the mans walk when I saw that couple up on the road from the beach. But youd have to be quicker than that to hurt someone... just feeling edgy as I expected some time at home on my own, but not like this.

      And I do thankyou for your logic and friendship in responding. Thankyou.

  12. Disturbia profile image61
    Disturbiaposted 7 years ago

    I say toss his stuff out into the street and change the locks.

  13. salt profile image74
    saltposted 7 years ago

    thanks, but no, he hasnt been too good lately, but I dont feel that angry with him.. just ending a relationship is difficult.

    1. profile image0
      Pani Midnyte Odinposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      If he isn't back in time for his dentist's appointment, I would report him as a missing person. Tell police about the odd person you saw him with. I'm sure he's fine, but you're right to be concerned.

  14. Lynda Gary profile image55
    Lynda Garyposted 7 years ago

    How did this become about "ending a relationship"?  I think I've either overlooked something, or there is a big hunk of  this story missing.

    Whatever. I wish you all the best.

  15. salt profile image74
    saltposted 7 years ago

    Well, 2 days on, he had I was told been out with his sister in law and her children. Then was lost for a day and finally rang me from hospital. I started to telephone his family and found out that they knew exactly where he was and that he had had lunch with his daughter and mother. I was exhausted after driving around looking for him for 2 days and a bit put out that noone bothered to call to tell me he hadnt drowned....etc

  16. salt profile image74
    saltposted 7 years ago

    hes in hospital and I am a bit sad, because I feel like Ive done all the hard work and now they are going to pretend I wasnt there at all.

    1. AEvans profile image80
      AEvansposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      You are going to be o.k. and did all that you could it isn't your fault he left. He is a grown man so stop beating yourself up for what he did. You did all that you could and worried yourself sick. Hang in there smile

  17. salt profile image74
    saltposted 7 years ago

    thanks, I wouldnt beat myself up, thats what my brother used to say was happening when he was hitting me when we were younger.

    He is good and pretty stable at the moment. Its interesting to watch the energy flow when i visit, as it is a psychiatric thing.

    I feel like this brother or that brother of his is there, I feel or see my brother in his body and its exhausting. One of his ex girl friends told me about something when he was younger and a staircase ... and I could and can feel something related to that now, which is bizarre, but worth being aware of. I cant tune in exactly to what it is.

    1. Shadesbreath profile image85
      Shadesbreathposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Channel your own energy.  The universe is full of it, and not all of it is poisoned by the past.  Cut his loose.  Be you now.

  18. salt profile image74
    saltposted 7 years ago