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Pop Up Window Warning "Malware, Virus and Trojans"

  1. Beth100 profile image74
    Beth100posted 7 years ago

    This has happened to me two times this week, the last episode only minutes ago.

    I am reading a hub on the site, a pop up window appears and says that there are viruses, trojans and malware detected on my system.  The title in the pop up window is "Message from webpage".

    My keyboard, in both instances, are disabled.  Before you can finish reading the message, the malware begins to scan the hard drive and provides a percentage of trojans, viruses and malware being found.  The only way to stop this is to perform a hard shutdown before the percentages hit 100.  The counters run extremely fast and will hit 100 if you're not quick in shutting down. 

    I know that this is malware because I had just finished updating and scanned my machine in it's entirety before I began reading hubs.  I am, once again, running a thorough scan to see if it has deposited any malware onto my system. 

    Has anyone else experienced this?  Also, this is the only site that I have encountered this on and assume that there is a virus or malware that has been injected into the site. 


  2. Rochelle Frank profile image96
    Rochelle Frankposted 7 years ago

    Sounds scary.
    What browser are you using?
    Have you asked your ISP about it?

  3. Stevennix2001 profile image90
    Stevennix2001posted 7 years ago

    unfortunately, that's happened to me once too.  not from this site, but a few months back i was told that there was this alleged virus going around online that would infect any and all pcs that didn't have the most current up to date anti virus and spyware programmed onto their pc.  in fact, some viruses can lay dormant inside any pc for a while, then infect your entire pc without you knowing it. 

    my only advice to you beth is after you ran your virus and spyware scan. check to see if you have the most current software on your pc as well. anyway, i hope that helps though.  im really sorry to hear that it's giving you problems though.  sad

  4. Beth100 profile image74
    Beth100posted 7 years ago

    @ Rochelle -- I'm using IE8 and Vista tongue  Have talked to them, but they're saying its the site, not them being a carrier.

    @ Steven --  I have run two different programs and both are updated every 24 hours. As you know, I was in the IT business, so my technology is the latest with the best software that can be purchased. 

    hmmm...no HP help here??

  5. IzzyM profile image89
    IzzyMposted 7 years ago

    If it comes up again, try to read the name of it. Then do a search on your computer for it's files and re-name them. Run your AV program too - make sure it is up to date first.
    If you have its name, do a google search and see how other people are coping with it.

  6. IzzyM profile image89
    IzzyMposted 7 years ago

    Just to add, there was a virus like this out a year or two back - it looked like an AVG file, but wasn't AVG. It ran and said you had mutiple problems with your computer. If I remember right, AVG took care of it....or did I rename it? Can't remember. Renaming files make them useless, and if you have renamed the wrong file you can always go back and change it.