Converting Clicks into Sales

  1. SimeyC profile image96
    SimeyCposted 8 years ago

    I;m beginning to get some clicks on my Amazon and eBay links - and I'm assuming that shows a general interest from the reader, however are there any techiniques that can actually convert these clicks into sales? I'm averaging 3% sales from clicks on Amazon, and 1% on eBay (I need the sale on ebay to keep on earning 'per click').

    Any ideas would be appreciated!

    1. SoundAdvice profile image56
      SoundAdviceposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Hi SimeyC. The matter you are discussing here is, well, almost out of personal control. However, you can get your readers to notice the ads if they think they are relevant to the content and if they somewhat feel convinced through your article that they should buy it.

      For instance, if a writer is writing about skin care, the products displayed should be related to it. If he/she specifically mentions a procedure like facial or cleansing, defines the benefits of facial or cleansing, the chances of the reader buying a cleansing or facial product displayed on that page depend on how convinced he/she was by the writer's style and content.

      To all readers of this answer, an important warning. Never ask readers to click on ads or visit sponsors as this is strictly against almost all affiliate policies and may lead to the termination of your accounts. Concentrate on own content, product relevance and convincing style.

      Hope this was useful to you SimeyC and other readers. Cheers!