Hubhopping feature for a profile's hubs

  1. calicoaster profile image79
    calicoasterposted 7 years ago

    Is it possible to get a hub hopping feature specific to a profile's hubs. I usually browse through the hubs, and if I like a particular person's hub, I feel to read more. But, going through the volume of hubs available (ranging in 100s), I sometime drop the idea and browse things through categories, or end up just reading a few, that come in front of me. It becomes somewhat tedious to dig into the 100s of hubs to find something that would suit your interest. 

    How would it help, if we can hub-hop even for a specific person's hubs?

    1. Faybe Bay profile image73
      Faybe Bayposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Calicoaster. When you follow certain topics, or certain Hubbers, your home page, after you sign in, will show the hubbers and topics you follow, by the most recent hubs in that topic, or by those Hubbers. Clicking the more link at the top of a particular hubbers hub list will give you pages of their hubs, which you can choose hot, best or latest.
      as you read their hubs, there will be related hubs to the right, by other hubbers.

      This way you can choose. I think the hub hopping is to lead people to hubbers they may not have noticed before.