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    LarasMamaposted 8 years ago

    I've written almost 20 hubs, mainly around pregnancy and internet topics... as well as a couple of poems and a story about growing up with a bipolar mother.

    Right now I'm looking to take a step back and edit, add and delete as necessary so that my hubs have the best content I can give them and are easy to understand. Thanks for any feedback or tips! Also if you have ideas on other similar hub topics that would be great!

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    Urbane Chaosposted 8 years ago

    Since I'm a dude and all that jazz, I really didn't read anything on the pregnancy topics.. I mean, the day I start breastfeeding, well, for some reason, I don't think guys are capable of that.

    I read your hub on living with a bipolar parent.  The story was very good - it has a way of pulling on peoples heart-strings.  It kept me interested all the way through - which is exactly what you want as a writer.

    I only have one thought on the writing though.  The topic, "Living with a Bipolar Parent", is very eye-catching.  The content was great - but, at the end, I was left asking one question: "Ok, so you've been through all of that, now where's the resolution?  How do YOU deal with all of this?"  In other words, I know why you stopped talking to her, but what has the impact been?  How has your decisions helped you to become a better person?  That's what I mean by resolution.

    Now, on to something different.  Why do you write?  There are two reasons people write: 1. To be heard, or 2. To make money.  If you're writing just to be heard, you're doing fine.  If you're writing to make money, I would take some time to learn about SEO.  I pulled a couple of your articles and checked the keywords on them.  You're top keywords, according to Estimated Avg. CPC's, won't earn you very much at all.  "Your pet" and "my mother" aren't high paying keywords, even though they are the most repeated ones in a couple of your hubs. 

    My suggestion, read about SEO as much as you can, focusing on keywords and their costs.  When you go back to edit your articles, pick high paying keywords and insert them into your articles where they make sense.  For example, the keyword "bipolar disorder" has a CPC of $5.86 and would earn a lot more than "my mother".

    It took me a while to catch on to all of that, but since I've gone back and reedited my articles, I'm starting to see a pretty decent income from them.   

    For similar hub topics, you'll find a lot of that while you're doing keyword research.  In my analytics account, I see what terms people use to find my articles and those terms usually suggest different articles to write.  Same thing with top keywords.

    I hope all these nonsensical ramblings if a deranged fool help out a bit.. I wish ya the best!

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      LarasMamaposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for the feedback - will definitely work more on keywords...