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Confused about Adsense and Amazon affiliate workings

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    MariaOceanposted 8 years ago

    Hi, if I can ever get Google AdSense to let me add back HubPages...when it was working supposedly, the status said "Active"  My stats for the hub I put in, said over 100 page views, but going to Google AdSense it said only 12 views.  This is my HubPages home views count, not my article views count.  Is this the way it is supposed to be, shouldn't it have been the many more views of the article?

    For Amazon, all it will say in the Affilates section in HubPages setup, the status of "set."  Shouldn't that say "Active" as the Adsense did when it was working? 

    I just am confused.

    thank you.

  2. kirstenblog profile image77
    kirstenblogposted 8 years ago

    Amazon is fine as 'set', for some strange reason the terms are not the same for the affiliate programs. As for ad sense, I get confused by it all the time! I hear that using analytics is the best way to go for tracking traffic and what it is doing (analytics is confusing too, but hey the resident guru's here seem to know what they are doing smile ). I am sure that someone will come along with a better insight then I have but I thought I would try n help anyway smile. Welcome to HP by the way! Hope your online writing adventure here is more fun then a barrel of monkeys!

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    kirstenblogposted 8 years ago

    BTW being confused is a good sign! lol big_smile

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      MariaOceanposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you Kirsten.  I was just confused because on some view of the stats for the hub, it says "Revenue potential--$$$" as if it should have been looked at, and it was.  Then the AdSense said it had only been viewed 12 times when it was really looked at over 100 times.
      I feel good to be here and thanks for the welcome.

      1. Faybe Bay profile image73
        Faybe Bayposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        You have only one hub and have been here only two days. If you are getting that much traffic already, my hat's off to you! Welcome to Hub Pages!

        How do you know it was looked at over 100 times?

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          MariaOceanposted 8 years agoin reply to this

          Hi, Faybe Bay.  When you go to your hub, above, there is a thing called "Stats" and this was where I looked and it said how many views the hub had.  Thanks for the welcome...

  4. KCC Big Country profile image87
    KCC Big Countryposted 8 years ago

    Google Analytics is a better gauge of your traffic.  HubPages counts your own views and each time you edit the hub.  That's while you'll notice you may have a dozen views before you ever publish a hub.  So, many of those 100 are probably your own views.

    Another difference is the timeframe.  Hubpages runs on a rolling 24 hour period.  Google Analytics runs on a day (not sure what hours its day runs though).

    The more you write, the less you'll worry about these things. 

    Welcome to HubPages!

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      MariaOceanposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you.  So I was bumping up the "stats" thing!  Good, I won't pay as much attention to it.  Thanks for the welcome.  Just this thing where in the HubPages sign in and such, it encourages "monetizing" at least somewhere when I was signing up, I saw this.

  5. The10DollarMark profile image59
    The10DollarMarkposted 8 years ago

    I have a theory as to why adsense is "active" while the others are "set".

    For adsense, hubpages will directly get your information for you, thus ensuring that it is correct and thus "active"

    For the others, you put it in yourself (and thus could make a mistake) so hubpages doesn't know for a fact if it is active (since you could have made a mistake), but they do know that you set it.

    That's my theory ^^

  6. kirstenblog profile image77
    kirstenblogposted 8 years ago

    Focus on the writing.... Too True!

    I have older hubs only now drawing traffic, and once I stopped trying to figure google ad sense out I am now finally seeing clicks daily yikes (they aren't worth much but they are finally steady, somehow)

    It is a pretty steep learning curve, just finding out what to write about that will actually be read!