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    Satoriposted 9 years ago

    I just joined, and I love the concept!  It's also nice to see a site offering something more than 50%.  I joined about nine hours ago and have nearly twenty quality Hubs.  I'm getting impressions steadily, so presumably all I need is someone to click my AdSense ads someday and I'll be set.

    I've already noticed a few improvements that could make the site a lot better, and I hope I'm not being too forward suggesting them already.

    Private Messages - Not only would this be easy to implement, but it becomes even more important to be able to send someone a brief message without creating an entire Hub for it - particularly when a brief message will count against their overall score.  (Actually, that has prevented me from creating a Hub with the relevant information for someone once or twice - all they need is a brief piece of information, but creating a brief Hub would damage my overall score and I'm not the type to pad things out.)

    The ability to post comments on someone's Request, rather than just a Hub - Perhaps you already have this, and I haven't seen it yet.  But it's essentially for the same reason as above, only for Request-specific messages.  For example, sending someone a short note of support or encouragement.

    We have an uploaded userpic, with a thumbnail for comments.  What about being able to upload a different, smaller image as a thumbnail?  Like a LiveJournal icon.  It would be a nice frill, though pure frippery.

    The ability for a user to start a Hubgroup, and allow other users to submit their Hubs to it on an Approve/Deny basis - and accept an invitation from the Hubgroup owner.  This is essentially a proprietary equivalent of a Webring on the larger internet, and would serve the same purpose.  The owner of that Hubgroup would logically get some percentage of the impressions that their Hubgroup generated, and the owner of the Hub the user clicked through to another Hubgroup Hub from.  Readers would find their relevant information more quickly if it were grouped according to a subject of interest, and Hub owners and Hubgroup owners would profit from the co-operative banding-together.  Everybody wins.

    Be well,

    - Satori

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    Inspirepubposted 9 years ago

    You can send private messages - just go to the person's profile or any of their Hubs and click where it says "contact" ...

    ... and the ONLY reason we have the request function is to generate Hubs on topics where the general info available online is poor, because those Hubs will bring more search engine traffic to HubPages.

    If people just want to ask questions and get a one or two paragraph answer, they can go to Yahoo Answers.

    HubPages is all about Hubs, and everything is designed to get more and better Hubs to appear.


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      Satoriposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks, Inspirepub.  Doesn't that just end up in their mailbox, though?

      I know, and I think that Hubpages would probably fare better if it encouraged building relationships within the Hub community by allowing users to message each other directly while they're on.  Perhaps I'm alone in that.

      I agree, the right tool for the right job.  But what about things like this, for example? … one--all_1

      You can't /not/ want to send someone in that situation a note of encouragement.  And who wants it to end up in their mailbox somewhere, when it could be here for them when they log in and are ready to be in that mindframe?

      Some of the questions Requesting answers have answers that are very short.  Sometimes users who know about Hubs would rather use them than other sites - even when Hubs isn't particularly built for that - so it would make sense to encourage that, or at least accomodate it.  Again, this may just be me.  But I shared the thought so that staff could assess it if they hadn't already.

      Thanks for your response.  smile