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For some unspecified reason, HubPages has chosen not to feature what I believe t

  1. glynch1 profile image53
    glynch1posted 4 years ago

    For some unspecified reason, HubPages has chosen not to feature what I believe to be one of the best

    Hubs I have written. After learning that HubPages was not going to feature it without editing,  I added a poll to see if that would do the trick. No success. It really would be nice if the editors would simply tell writers specifically what they need to do. It is strange that they have featured well over one hundred of my lesser hubs but refuse to honor this one.

  2. Joan King profile image70
    Joan Kingposted 4 years ago

    It is tough to know what HP's agenda is as it relates to not featuring  one's articles. I also find that some of my articles with high number of views and comments are un- featured while some with few views are featured.  I give up.

    1. barbat79 profile image77
      barbat79posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      The new ones they just unfeatured, I looked at one that I really can't change.  I will need to leave them since i don't have time and had hoped to create new hubs.  Oh well smile

  3. SidKemp profile image94
    SidKempposted 4 years ago

    Instead of giving up, why don't we create a workshop and help each other? I've managed to get all of my hubs featured except for certain ones that I know why they are not, due to topic, or because they were written a year ago, before I knew what I was doing.

    If you start a forum called, "post here for help to get featured," you and others could share links to the hubs that aren't getting featured and ask for advice. We could each commit to reading one another's hubs, and posting suggestions. The suggestions could be specific, but other readers could see the advice and learn from it. The author of each hub could report back on what worked.

    If one of you (GLynch or Joan King) starts the forum, I'll be happy to help.

    1. TNT Husky profile image72
      TNT Huskyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      This sounds like a great idea. I haven't come across this problem (I've only had one that remained un-featured, and i am deleting because even I'm not proud of it) but it would be a simple way to help people out, or even get help when you need it.

  4. Sue Bailey profile image80
    Sue Baileyposted 4 years ago

    At present all of my hubs are featured but I haven't a clue why. I guess I must be doing something right. Occasionally one or two get unfeatured so I just tweak them a bit; add a video or some more content and they get featured again. Good luck with yours.  Try the video and a bit of tweaking it could work for you too.

    1. glynch1 profile image53
      glynch1posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      How do I do a video of Matthew 25?

    2. Rochelle Frank profile image96
      Rochelle Frankposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Actually, I just went to YouTube and did a search for Matthew 25-- and there are several. I didn't look at them , but there may be something there that would work for you.

    3. Sue Bailey profile image80
      Sue Baileyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for answering that Rochelle.

  5. barbat79 profile image77
    barbat79posted 4 years ago

    There was a forum for just this type of review.  I had one poem which was not featured..I tweaked it..no result...and that poem grew with audiences to high numbers still as unfeatured. I don't think I planted seeds for this one at all either.  So it was a surprise to me that it was a popular one.
      Until recently I saw the symbol by it to suggest I edit it and then it became featured.    I found where I could add punctuation to create a more normal read, though that was not the style of the original.  I think we as writers can become so close to our work that we miss places that to a new reader needs to be developed more to make complete connections.   
    I decided that while it is a plus to have our hubs featured and that I should relook at the reasons why it was not and let it go after I gave it my all. 
    We can create an unfeatured hub that still has great popularity and success based on how we toot on our own...low and behold it becomes in the google search engine.
    I would love the chance to read your hub.  Are we permitted to ask that you tell us which one it is?  I would offer my input, but take it with a grain of salt if it makes no sense for you to listen to a particular feedback note.  Good luck!

    1. glynch1 profile image53
      glynch1posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I have just tweaked my Matthew 25 hub for about the sixth time. The last time I added a photo and a quiz; in addition, it has two polls and section headings. The editors still refuse to feature it. Maybe if you  look at it, you may find something.

  6. djdaniel150 profile image60
    djdaniel150posted 4 years ago

    This is another reason why you should never rely on someone else to publish your content, in this case Hubpages! This is why I learned web design and built my own sites. I decide what is worthy or not, not somebody else. I control 100% of all operations on my sites, again without the constraints of relying on someone else. If its control over you work you seek, then you need to learn information technology as its related to the web. No easy task, I spent 40,000 hours doing it so far, but the benefits outweigh the headaches.

    1. barbat79 profile image77
      barbat79posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I find this very interesting!  Thumbs up.  There are new requirements added and left more work to tweak the once featured hubs.  The brown icon on the one that was never featured was encouraging, but to lose featured does not feel good.

  7. duffsmom profile image61
    duffsmomposted 4 years ago

    I've been here for over two years and all of my hubs were featured until the recent QAP of older hubs. Now they have "unfeatured" several due to quality - and they are recipes!  There is only so much tweaking one can do to a recipe.  Sometimes a poem, recipe, or hub of another type IS the way you want it--just as you wrote it.

    Yes, reasons for removing a hub from being featured would be so helpful, and a much quicker fix for the author.

    1. barbat79 profile image77
      barbat79posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      The thing I do like about being part of the online community, is the feedback...I wish they had people assigned who could identify what they see a hub needs....  I love the fact that we all communicate.  I see the self publish point as well  Thanks

  8. susi10 profile image95
    susi10posted 4 years ago

    What is the link to your hub or publish it and give me the name of it so I can look it up in your profile. I might be able to make some further suggestions (if there are any).

    1. glynch1 profile image53
      glynch1posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Look up Matthew 25.

    2. profile image50
      Techpostpkposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      i am new here

  9. Jackie Lynnley profile image90
    Jackie Lynnleyposted 4 years ago

    I get tired of even trying to figure them out! I have been working outside HP but busy on a hub to ready it for publishing, coming in each day and giving all the time I possibly can and have dropped to an all time low of 89! There is never a day I don't show up and do something! Other people come in and make a couple comments a day and ride high as always. Wish I knew the secret.

    1. Sue Bailey profile image80
      Sue Baileyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I know what you mean Jackie. I've been at 100 for a couple of weeks much to my surprise. I haven't done anything different but suddenly I dropped to 97 yesterday. I don't know if it's coincidence or a conspiracy but my earnings dropped by 50% too!

  10. ChitrangadaSharan profile image56
    ChitrangadaSharanposted 4 years ago

    Same thing happened with me last week, with one of my hubs, which was doing so well. It was my first time in one year, that one of my successful hub, got unfeatured status. I changed the title reluctantly, though I still love the old one and added a video and it got featured again. But it is so time consuming and depressing to change or keep on changing and editing the hub, to suit their requirements. When do you think of writing a new one, if you have a large number of hubs!
    Good luck to you!

    1. profile image50
      Techpostpkposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      nice best of luck

  11. glynch1 profile image53
    glynch1posted 4 years ago

    I now have three hubs that are not featured. I recently upgraded each one with photos, quizzes, and polls. In addition, each one exceeds 700 words. I still do not know what else I need to do to make them of sufficient quality. I find it very frustrating when I receive no feedback from the editors.

  12. ppc-specialist profile image62
    ppc-specialistposted 4 years ago

    I am quite new to hubpages and have 2 hubs, both of them are featured as well. I believe that sometimes hubs not get featured because of something which is not important for you, but that particular thing is important for hubpages.  Check your images ... just my guess

    1. glynch1 profile image53
      glynch1posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      What do you mean by "images"? Photos?

    2. ppc-specialist profile image62
      ppc-specialistposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      yes i mean photos

  13. Sue Adams profile image98
    Sue Adamsposted 4 years ago

    It's quite simple really. When you are in Editing mode you see the "Need Some Goals?" feature in the top right corner. Just make sure that each box is ticked and bingo, unless your English is bad, or you failed to accredit your photos, the Hub in question (which should have a minimum of 1250 original, useful and compelling words) should be featured.

    1. glynch1 profile image53
      glynch1posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      After making several alterations, all of my hubs are now featured; most of them do not have a minimum of 1250 "original, useful and compelling words." Where do you find that each hub must have this number of words?

    2. Sue Adams profile image98
      Sue Adamsposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      It is one of the above mentioned boxes to qualify for.

  14. To Start Again profile image79
    To Start Againposted 4 years ago

    I've read over your hub and noted some possible reasons.
    First off, you made this one better by adding the pictures and using multiple capsules and subheadings. That is an improvement from the hub of yours I had looked at before. A reader will not stay on your hub if they are overwhelmed by big blocks of unbroken text. That's just the way it is. So this one was much better. I recommend adding pictures and breaking up the text like this in all of your hubs.

    I did notice that you have not included a source on any of your photos, though, and the first one seems to be watermarked. I don't know for certain but that could be an issue. My other suggestion would be to add a video. Try to follow the 'evergreen' scale located on the top right of the hub tool page, above the add a capsule box. It will help you to see how many words you have, how many videos or pictures you should have and why,

    The other thing I noticed was that there are a lot of notations in your text - Example- "[Is this “humiliating exclusion” equivalent to eternal separation from God?] and, he “sheep” (believers) from the “goats” (unbelievers),"
    There's nothing wrong with doing this and it helps your explanation but those along with the () for the verses, makes for a lot of starting and stopping in the reading and the eye gets stuck on all of the obtrusive punctuation. I recommend either putting your verse numbers in a bold format or putting the notes within the text in a blue background, right aligned text capsule beside the text you are noting or both. Your job here on HP (aside from spreading God's word which I commend you on) is to attract readers and hold them there as long as possible. If a reader's eye is turned off by the format or length of the text, they will skim and not read and therefore vacate your page quickly.

    I suggest browsing a few hubs that are featured or meet theses sort of aspects. Not the examples HP gives in the Learning Center, but actual hubs from the site. If you would like me to give you some names or titles to check out, just ask pr you can peruse the Chritianity topic page: http://hubpages.com/topics/religion-and … jesus/5037
    These hubs are great examples- this one especially-  http://msdora.hubpages.com/hub/Six-Grea … hould-Know

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