Dell Computer being replaced after Another breakdown---using backup

  1. Michael Willis profile image78
    Michael Willisposted 7 years ago

    Well, after even 2 more Dell tech's to the house to replace parts on computer....(2 new hard drives, new LCD screen,new motherboard, new touch pad and cover, new memory cards w/upgrade, 5 new keyboards in close to 3 weeks...NOW the LCD screen went out again Thursday an hour after the Tech left the house. I have bought the full version of Windows 7...but computer hasn't functioned to where I could even load it!)

    Dell now is sending a replacement computer (Refurbished...replacement!!!!) YIKES...think this Dell is a goner! Last time I had a refurbished I was buying a Brand new computer right afterwards. Sounds like I have just been screwed by Dell!!!!!

    Well, I will let them send the Replacement...Hey, I paid for that warranty and I will let them spend their money for replacement after replacement after replacement until they decide to give me what I paid for. lol

    What I am using right now (sparingly) is my old HP Compact Presario that is turtle speed and does not work well. I had to buy a Dial-Up USB attachement to even get online. Before it would work on the old HP I had to do a total revamp of the HP. Reload Windows XP and wipe-out all files and programs. This took more than half a day to finally get to work.

    The past 3 weeks have been a real Nightmare!!! It will be 7-10 days at least I was told for the Dell replacement.

    So, I probably won't be here much because of this as I have not been the past couple of weeks. But will return as soon as I get a "computer" that works.

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      oscillationatendposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I think it's really just the economy. What type of laptop is it? On some of the models, the margins are really slim. Actually, on all of them.

      In retail if it's not on sale it can be 1-to-3% margin, else it's being sold as a loss leader or not through a brick and mortar store.

      Keep in mind, too, that even though Dell isn't #1 in laptops or computers anymore it still ships out tons of volume, more than say...Apple.

      As far as extended warranties go, I love and only really recommend the ones with accidental damage protection. I don't know about you, but if I drop my camera (which could happen) or want to loan it to a friend, I don't want to worry about it getting dropped in the pool as some guy gets pushed into the pool at a kegger. I don't even know any frat boys, but when I meet one I like I know I'll be covered.