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I am currently new to the hub pages, and could use any helpfull tips!

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    rainmansoonposted 7 years ago

    anything will help.

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    Ohmaposted 7 years ago

    Participate in the forums. do the hubmob thing do the 30 day challenge join hubtrails answer questions and have fun welcome to HP

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    Justine76posted 7 years ago


    this explains alot better than I can. Welcome and good luck!! dont forget, there is a search function at the top of the page for more specific questions. Lots of really good hubbers have written some very usefull stuff.  smile

  4. angela_michelle profile image99
    angela_michelleposted 7 years ago

    I actually found searching "how to make money on hubpages" and "How to get a good score on hubpages" and I came across so many great tips that way. But not every ones advice is very accurate. So be careful at believing everything you read.

    I also look up "help" and read a lot of their faqs and have actually summarized a lot of them in two of my hubs, to help hubbers more easily find that information.

    Probably the best tips would be to write good quality hubs. I have found that the hubs that tend to be longer and about  everyday stuff tend to do the best, like my photo shop hubs, hubpages hubs, diseases hubs, foster care hubs, etc. My science stuff tend to be the next group of highly rated hubs: I love fossils and animals, so that's my next group. Whereas religious and personal stuff tend not to do so well. My hubs that read like a blog, are rated in the sixties. Which make me sad, because they are some of my favorites. I've tweaked a few and have made some that were consistently rated 65ish, now up in the seventies, since I made it less about me, and more about others.

    Don't be afraid of writing longer hubs, because they actually are able to tell how long someone spends on your hubs and it seems to effect your hubscore. I'm not sure there is a magic word count. Some people say 1000, some people say 2000, but I do find my longer ones are rated higher. I believe it's because when I look at the stats it will show that people are viewing my hubs longer. This portion of the stats does not show up until the hub has been on there for about two months.

    Some people will say write shorter hubs, because then people are more apt to read the whole thing, but I do disagree with this, once I started seeing my hubs being rated for how long they are viewed. Some of mine that are very photography rich, rate in the mid section. Although in some ways, they are the more enjoyable hubs.

    I've read that placing 3 photos and 1 video will help as well. I try to stick to this, although I don't know how much truth there is in it. I do know that google will find your hub more valuable if it has a video in it. And it's the people who view your site from google who are more apt to click on your hubs.

    Okay, well, I think that's enough information for now... I could keep going... I've only been doing this for a little over two months, but I have learned a lot from the experiences of others.