Link Tag......! Please help.

  1. javed2805 profile image61
    javed2805posted 7 years ago

    Dear Visitor,

    Could you please educate me how the link other page in my blog or article.

    For ex, the statement read as "Please (click here) to know more details. How to link other page to (click here).

    I have been tiring this format tag name but it doesn't work or may be I don't know how apply it.

    Even if I want to use hub pages banner, where I was asked to copy and paste the code to my blog, article or e-mail. I am not able to make out where exactly I need to past, I tried pasting these code while editing my text in hubpages but it doesn't work.

    It is highly appreciated, if you could teach me step by step about how to link a (click here) tag.

  2. Susana S profile image96
    Susana Sposted 7 years ago

    Hi Jave,
    In edit mode, open the text capsule you want to create the link in. Write the text "click here" or what ever words you want to use as a link. Then highlight them. Click on the link symbol (an 8 on it's side). A new box will pop up where you insert the url you want to link to. Save. Your text should now be in blue and be clickable (once you have saved the text capsule).

    It works exactly the same way in blogger.

    You can't add banners to hubpages. If you want to add them in blogger copy the code and add it into an html gadget.