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Can we post affiliate links from Clickbank and Commission Junction???

  1. Chris Crow profile image60
    Chris Crowposted 9 years ago

    Can we post these affiliate links on our hub pages?

  2. jaymz profile image73
    jaymzposted 9 years ago

    Yes but if you over use it in one hub, it'll be considered overly promotional. But, I don't see why one in a hub wouldn't hurt.

  3. spuds profile image60
    spudsposted 9 years ago

    Limited use is ok.

  4. BrandonMc profile image56
    BrandonMcposted 9 years ago

    I use one per hub and haven't got booted yet (knock on wood)

  5. SunSeven profile image60
    SunSevenposted 9 years ago

    As long as you stick to the TOS smile

    Best Regards