Spam Comments in Hubs

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  1. jimmythejock profile image84
    jimmythejockposted 11 years ago

    when we flag a comment in one of our hubs as spam, how long does it take for hubpages to log the event for future reference? can we delete the comment forever as soon as it is marked as spam or should we leave the comment unpublished until such times as hubpages logs the event to help prevent future comments from that same source.....jimmy

  2. Misha profile image67
    Mishaposted 11 years ago

    I delete them right away - if I'm sure it is spam - after marking them as such. smile

  3. SunSeven profile image63
    SunSevenposted 11 years ago

    I wouldn't want to do that since some future comment from the same source my not be spam. smile

  4. pauldeeds profile imageSTAFF
    pauldeedsposted 11 years ago

    Jimmy -  you can delete them right away after you mark them as spam.   SunSeven, you can also delete a comment without marking it as spam and it won't have any effect on future comments from that source.  However if it is clearly spam, you'll benefit the whole community if you do mark it as such.

  5. jimmythejock profile image84
    jimmythejockposted 11 years ago

    Thanks Paul, good to know .....jimmy

  6. Maddie Ruud profile image73
    Maddie Ruudposted 11 years ago

    If someone is consistantly spamming your hubs with similar or identical posts with self-promoting links, and has few or no hubs of their own, you can send us an email to give us a heads-up on the situation as well.  There was a case of this this morning, but because one of the hubbers this person chose to spam was myself, I was able to take fairly swift action and ban the user.

    If you notice a pattern with an established user, you may still wish to bring this to our attention, so we can give a warning.  Some hubbers truly don't understand that what they're doing is frowned upon, so we'll let them know, and the well-intentioned ones are generally good about complying from that time forward.

  7. firetown profile image59
    firetownposted 11 years ago

    what is important is team work between hubbers. I have seen many networks go downhill because of spam. So either hubpages will have to hire new mods or there has to be great support from main hubbers.
    This network has Google power, so as long as this place is alive and kicking, spammers will come.

    Is there a way hubpages can install an askimet like program or something else to filter spam comments?

  8. Misha profile image67
    Mishaposted 11 years ago

    No akismet, please...

  9. Susan Ng profile image91
    Susan Ngposted 11 years ago

    I'm going to ask a stupid question here.  Exactly what would be considered as spam comments in hubs?  Is it just those that contain self-promoting links? hmm  Or would irrelevant comments such as, "I'm looking for friends in hubpages." posted in a hub that is in no way about making friends be considered as spam, too? hmm  (I got comments like those and I marked them as spam before deleting them.  Did I do the right thing? neutral)

    How about spamming the forums?  What would be considered as spam in the forums? hmm

    1. Misha profile image67
      Mishaposted 11 years agoin reply to this


      It's not a stupid question. Everybody have their own take on this. The rule of thumb I am trying to use - if this comment adds value in any sense? If yes, it stays. If not - it gets deleted and sometimes flagged.

      As for the forums - it is pretty much the same. If you have a discussion and someone chimes in with contribution and link - why not? If someone opens the thread just to let others know they published a new hub - it is spam usually. Not always though, and you have to look at reputation and posting history of that particular hubber to try and tell if this is spam or not. And even then it might be not spam if the post brings some value to the community... It might get tricky sometimes, and I usually prefer to give a poster a benefit of doubt in such cases smile

  10. Susan Ng profile image91
    Susan Ngposted 11 years ago

    Okay... smile  Seeing as how, "I'm looking for friends in hubpages." did not add any value whatsoever to my hub then I was right in marking it as spam. smile

    Thanks, Misha.  I'll keep that in mind.  When in doubt I'll ask myself the question, "Does it add any value at all to the hub/community?" smile

    Although in The Hubber's Hangout, we're allowed to post anything as long as it's not for the purpose of promoting our own hubs, right? hmm


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