Write from your heart.

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    chasingcarsposted 7 years ago

    Sounds mushy?  Not so much, really. 
         Recently, I have seen a number of my hub friends shrink into the background, and I am wondering if that is because of the "Karma" thing?   You shouldn't stop writing because of that.  It is just a device meant to bully you into writing the way that others want you to.  You already know what and how you should write--it is the only way you can write. And if you have even one follower, you have someone to finish your work--a reader.
      I believe in karma, but it has nothing to do with being popular--it has to do with your working for the truth and whatever god rocks your boat.  Dharma, your work ethic, has more to do with karma than does this artificial razzing.
        I am no Jim Hightower, but I am a fledgling muckraker, so when my numbers go down, I figure I am ticking the right people off.  I avoid really bad karma by telling the truth, by not manipulating others, and by researching as much as I can before topics get dated.  My freedom of speech ends where others' begins, but I have no obligation not to confront fuzzy thinking with logic.  I write from the heart, and my heart tells me that my country is facing disaster from those who want to limit its potential to their view of the universe, which generally ends around the tips of their noses and is filled to capacity by their dysfuntional egos.  In addition, each time I write and edit, I get to confront my beliefs under the cold eye of logic and can learn more about myself from that confrontation.  That's where my heart leads me.  I don't care about popularity, and until I am kicked off, I will continue to write the hubs how and about what I need to.  Popularity is overrated.  Ignore the gimmicks and write your hearts out.  I promise to try to follow you.

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      gqgirlposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      wonderfully put!