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100 Hubs and 16 months later

  1. Jen's Solitude profile image88
    Jen's Solitudeposted 7 years ago

    I officially posted my 100th hub earlier today. I have been patiently trying to get here for nearly 16 months now. It is satisfying to have finally reached this goal. smile

  2. SunSeven profile image68
    SunSevenposted 7 years ago

    Congrats Jen smile

  3. Richieb799 profile image73
    Richieb799posted 7 years ago

    I know the feeling, well done Jen!

  4. sid_candid profile image59
    sid_candidposted 7 years ago

    Congrats that is an awesome achievement. Keep going.

  5. IzzyM profile image90
    IzzyMposted 7 years ago

    Well done, Jen! That's really fantastic!

  6. Cagsil profile image60
    Cagsilposted 7 years ago

    Congratulations! smile

  7. Haunty profile image84
    Hauntyposted 7 years ago

    Congratulations on this milestone, Jen! smile

    I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope you find solace in the fact that you've given her one of the best things in life, a best friend.

  8. Paradise7 profile image84
    Paradise7posted 7 years ago

    Terrific, Jen!  And I'm also very sorry for your recent loss.  I don't ever know what to say to a person to truly condole and comfort them.  I wish I did.

    You're a terrific person, Jen, and I can feel that ole' 100 hubscore coming right towards you!

  9. Jen's Solitude profile image88
    Jen's Solitudeposted 7 years ago

    Thank you SunSeven, Richieb just 3 more hubs to go, right?

    Sid, I will do that! smile

    Thank you Izzy and Cagsil!

    What a nice thing to say Haunty, that does bring me solace, thank you so much!

    You are priceless Paradise, you have said just the right thing so don't worry. Sometimes less is more, ya know?  wink

  10. Internetwriter62 profile image81
    Internetwriter62posted 7 years ago

    Congratulations on reaching 100 Jen. You are not only a fantastic writer, but a prolific one as well.

  11. Jen's Solitude profile image88
    Jen's Solitudeposted 7 years ago

    Thanks so much Internetwriter, you are very kind!

  12. gramarye profile image60
    gramaryeposted 7 years ago

    Well done!

  13. wyanjen profile image82
    wyanjenposted 7 years ago

    Not only have you written 100 hubs, you've written 100 high quality hubs about very important subjects.

    good for you wink

  14. Ladybird33 profile image51
    Ladybird33posted 7 years ago

    Jen, you should be proud, I am for you!!! I know the hard work you put into it, so have be thankful, be happy and enjoy the moment!!! My best to you.

  15. Me, Steve Walters profile image70
    Me, Steve Waltersposted 7 years ago

    Great Job...Jen's Solitude!

  16. Bilaras profile image94
    Bilarasposted 7 years ago

    Nice and Congrats on your Hub Century...

  17. Jen's Solitude profile image88
    Jen's Solitudeposted 7 years ago

    gramarye, thank you!

    wyanjen, what a nice compliment to read, thanks so much. smile

    My best to you as well, Ladybird. Thanks

    Thank you Me,Steve Walters and Bilaras!

  18. aguasilver profile image80
    aguasilverposted 7 years ago

    Congratulations Jen, it's a long haul isn't it!

    Reading your profile I see you suffer MS.... I had a guy about five years ago that suffered MS, and put him on a gallon a week of colloidal silver.

    He was in a chair and had been for three years, no feeling below his abdomen, but still strong in spirit and determination.

    To cut a long story short, after three months he started to get feeling in his legs, and about a year later, he was able to move to Greece, find his lost love and open up a garden center!

    Not sure if that will help you, but my contention is that MS is a viral complaint, and CS stops virals, though you still need to work on repairing the damaged sheafs, (are they mylonic sheaves, I can't remember)

    Anyhow, hope that may give you a lead, if you want to know more, email me from my profile... and NO I do NOT sell colloidal silver! - but it's simple to make and costs cents per gallon!

    Google MS, colloidal silver, there is at least one woman (Nancy Delise) who beat it using CS smile


  19. Jen's Solitude profile image88
    Jen's Solitudeposted 7 years ago

    Hi John, thank you for your sincere post. MSers are familiar with CS, and I am no exception. I am very happy your friend recovered so thoroughly. I will look into it again and maybe even write a hub about it, one of these days. Thanks again!