request for Flagship Hub Program

  1. dinamars profile image57
    dinamarsposted 9 years ago

    Recently I sent an e-mail to asking to join the Flagship Hub Program, but until now there seems to be no answer. I wonder if only HP members from native speaking countries only who can participate in this? Or is there any specific, technical requirements such as minimum or regular postings on HP, since I've been out of this website for nearly 3 months?
    Looking forward to your answers, thanks smile.


  2. Maddie Ruud profile image80
    Maddie Ruudposted 9 years ago

    Hi Dina:

    There is no requirement that you be a native English speaker, as long as your writing is up to par, and you live in a country where you can receive PayPal payments (see list).

    Regarding your query, I'd give it a little while longer, as we tend to get a lot of requests for this program and the new Capstone program, and it takes time to sort through all the applicants, as well as manage the authors already participating.  Thanks for your patience.

    1. dinamars profile image57
      dinamarsposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Ow, okay, Maddie. Thanks for for the quick answer. I have already made an account on Paypal, so there won't be any problem regarding the payment.