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Request for links to hubs getting good search engine traffic

  1. TKIMWRSVC profile image60
    TKIMWRSVCposted 9 years ago

    Hello all,

    Coming up on 2k total views
    Still Hubpages is my top referral site

    Anyone with hubs that get mostly search engine traffic that is willing to link them in here so I can go check them out and frankly get ideas, topics,layout, format, etc.

    Thanks either way smile

  2. charlemont profile image80
    charlemontposted 9 years ago

    Are you interested in hubs that get 2k views/day?
    I don't have such yet neutral

  3. TKIMWRSVC profile image60
    TKIMWRSVCposted 9 years ago

    thanks for the reply charlemont

    mostly i am looking for hubs that get more traffic from outside of HP than inside them.
    I am working towards about 50 views a day total for all my hubs together as my next goal
    I broke 20 hubs, now onto that view count

    So I am really looking for ones with more outside than inside traffic.

    1. TaraT profile image67
      TaraTposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I'm new but I am also trying to do the same. I do have outside traffic. It's not much
      but I am still begianing. If You like check me out.

  4. guidebaba profile image59
    guidebabaposted 9 years ago

    I have a number of hubs with over 100 views per day. Useful and interresting content, pictures, videos, links, rss, e-bay and amazon are the SECRETS.

  5. charlemont profile image80
    charlemontposted 9 years ago

    My internal HP traffic is neglectable compared to search engines (mostly Google and Yahoo). Right now stats show 5 hubs with 100+ views/day, but these are all old hubs (created half a year or more ago).

  6. Marisa Wright profile image97
    Marisa Wrightposted 9 years ago

    98% of my traffic comes from search engines.  It's something that happens with time - when you first publish a Hub, it gets interest from your fans, but the long-tail traffic is all search engines.

  7. Kind Regards profile image73
    Kind Regardsposted 9 years ago

    Were you doing anything special to get that traffic or did the search engines just pick you up?

    Thanks, Kind Regards

  8. TKIMWRSVC profile image60
    TKIMWRSVCposted 9 years ago

    Thank you to everyone, so I just need some patience

  9. expectus profile image88
    expectusposted 9 years ago

    Yeap , patience is the key a few of my hubs are slowly getting more traffic from google instead of just hubpages.com traffic, goodluck

  10. profile image0
    lalitkhungarposted 9 years ago

    I am getting average 100 daily. But one day it went up to 500.Any one who can take it to 2K