Why google ada are not showing on hubs in google image search?

  1. honey profile image81
    honeyposted 9 years ago

    some of my hubs recently started to get traffic from images.google.com and i was to happy to see a daily 100 visitors increase to my traffic,but i found that traffic coming from google image search is not receiving any google ad impressions so my earnings are still same even with a bump in my traffic.

    I searched for "curly hairstyle" in google images and i found some pics from my hubs listed there..when i came to my hub through the google image frame i don't see any ads on mu hubs and the traffic coming in that way is completely useless.But when i go to my blog through the same image search frame i see google ads clearly in my blog and i am earning from those google image traffic.

    So can the hubpages team do anything about it to show ads on hubs while in google image frame too,other wise what would be the use of getting image search traffic.I observed the same no ad occurence on hubs when we reached them through bookmarking sites iframe too.

    you can see what i am telling here by clicking this link here which proceeds to the image search showing the picture below google image search link


    or you can try  "site:z.hubpages.com" followed by space and any keyword "xxxxx" you wish for example hairstyles, fashion, style etc.. then all images from hubpages listed in google image search will be displayed and you can see that no ads 'll be shown in hubs when you follow the pics there..So hubpages team please do something to show ads on hubs  in google image frame to earn from those traffic.

  2. Soya profile image54
    Soyaposted 9 years ago

    Yeah i too see no ads on the hubs while viewing it in google image search frame..the hubpages admins should really do some thing about it to display ads. I think hubpages is getting nearly 2-3% of its traffic from images.google.com itself , so all that traffic goes to zero income for both hubbers and hubpages team if they don't do anything abt it very soon.

  3. honey profile image81
    honeyposted 9 years ago

    anybody from the admin team or other hubbers please reply to this question...otherwise i 'll have to lose so much money from adsense