No pain, no gain.. feels like it was!

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    naiza1986posted 7 years ago

    I've followed all your advices and suggestions fellow hubbers to write and search within new niche of topics for hubs that is pretty much I feel satisfied with all the work that I have done in the past few days and months of just working alone on this computer without batting my eyes on what's going to happen next with all the affiliates that I've joined in.. So far, it is never the question of quantity of the topics I created I guess I just go on the flow with new found system here on HubPages.. I think kinda like it though you can't easily grab your earnings as much you like to.. It was really a hardwork everyday to do that until I created about 75 hubs and counting.. until my hardwork paid off through Amazon which earned me $800 dollars since january up to present though I'm still confused about the percentage of earnings there.. I hope I wasn't that too excited about the figures that Amazon showed.. well whatever it is. I can't stop thinking I hope it happens this month or so.. sigh..

    Don't be mistaken if I do sound complaining.. I know pretty soon I'll get there which we all hope for at the end of the day.. I still need to get used to this SEO system and all that jazz..

    Thanks for reading, fellow hubs!

    Happy Monday..