New Hub Posted that includes a podcast

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    francetalesposted 10 years ago

    Without going into the long details, I had to do a bit of a complicated work around in order to get my podcast to a domain where I could link to it, from a Hub Page, ie and not have too many links pointing to one domain.

    It is not my ideal flow but I think it works. Would someone please visit my Hub at
    Learn French for Restaurants and let me know what they think? This is not just an attempt to get you to go to the Hub.

    The issue for me is that I can't make it open in a new window, the podcast takes a little time to load, and I wonder if the link is clear enough in the links capsule at the bottom of the page. My goal was to have 10 phrases someone could read and then click on the link and hear the podcast and practice along. Are there too many barriers for that to happen easily?

    For those of you who have done podcasts attached to your Hub Pages, what have you done? I didn't want to upload it to youTube because I wanted to display the phrases next to the podcast so you could read and practice. Anyway let me know what you think.

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    embitcaposted 10 years ago

    The Youtube capsule can be shifted to the right so I think you'd be better off uploading the podcast to Youtube and then posting it directly on the Hubpage.  You can shift it right and put the phrases next to it or put the phrases above or below it.  Also, you can capture some traffic from Youtube if you load it there.

    I didn't actually load the podcast, but is it just audio? If so, you might experiment with doing a combination of audio and images to make a youtube video. You could show a still image displaying the phrase, then play the audio saying the phrase and then show the image again before moving onto the next one. I think it would be something to play around with.

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      francetalesposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Well it actually has an image to it but nothing special as it is my first time and I wanted to focus on the audio. I like the idea of a youtube video like the one you mention. I really like having it right next to the text. Thanks for the suggestion.