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my profile says STATUS: "SPAMMER" but I dont comment on anyones page!

  1. Pharmacy Drugs RX profile image50
    Pharmacy Drugs RXposted 10 years ago

    Dear Fellow Hubpages members...

    my name's John and I have 100 posts here on hubpages and I am getting great results! I do not and will not comment on anyones page and my pages all contain relevent content...

    the great thing about hub pages is that once you publish a hub you control the title of that hub... thus you control a keyword... a tag... this is the key to social bookmarking and traffic... controlling keywords...

    I am interested in creating traffic without spam and would love some feedback from you other members and feel free to take a look at my pages and let me know what you think...



    1. kmackey32 profile image64
      kmackey32posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Yes id like to place an order with pharmacydrugs. lol

  2. jimmythejock profile image88
    jimmythejockposted 10 years ago

    your hub scores reflect your overall profile rating,
    # of Hubs    0-24 25-29 30-74 75-100
    400 or more Stop Prolific Elite Hall of Fame
    100 or more Spammer Producer Very Good All Star
    20 or more   Rookie Experienced Good Expert
    19 or fewer  Novice Junior Average Prodigy
    for more details click on the help link at the top right of the page.....jimmy

  3. pauldeeds profile image
    pauldeedsposted 10 years ago

    I would suggest creating hubs that contain original and useful content.  It is pretty obvious from the hubs I've looked at that you're main intention is to promote various prescription drug sites, and that most of your content is simply cut and pasted in.   Furthermore, running AdSense on prescription drug content is in violation of their terms of service and you're liable to get banned from both AdSense and HubPages if you continue.

  4. Rik Ravado profile image93
    Rik Ravadoposted 8 years ago

    Out of curiosity I dug in the forum bin and bought out the oldest post in knowledge exchange.  Here it is - a warning of what happens to those who spam the forums. 
    Dear John, where are you now and how is the on-line drugs business?  We still miss you here at HubPages and long for more of your creative output ..

    1. weblog profile image57
      weblogposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Who is John, the OP?

    2. Mrvoodoo profile image59
      Mrvoodooposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      lol, brilliant!

  5. Misha profile image76
    Mishaposted 8 years ago

    Rik, you are cracking me up lol

  6. Rik Ravado profile image93
    Rik Ravadoposted 8 years ago

    Wouldn't it be cool if 'John' reappeared?  There must be thousands of lapsed Hubbers on the system.  Perhaps we could ressurrect them all for about 10 minutes and then leave poor Maddie and the HP team to sort out the mess!

  7. dawei888 profile image61
    dawei888posted 8 years ago

    I want Mr. Drug RX to come clean and reveal his real HubPages name! I'm intrigued by this creative contributor!!!