HubPages on Mobile Devices

  1. brettb profile image66
    brettbposted 7 years ago

    Hi all,

    I've just got the Samsung Galaxy Android phone (which is fabulous) and I'm impressed with how good HubPages looks on it.

    Does anyone know how they've made it look so good? Is it a CSS trick?

    What I like is that Hubs are really clear and easy to read whereas many sites have really tiny text when viewed on a phone. The Amazon adverts show but there isn't any adsense (couldn't they put some mobile ads in? Or do I have to enable it in my account?)

    This device is the future, so I'd love to make my sites more mobile friendly! My hubs get 4% views from mobile devices, but it's less than 1% for my other sites. There could be a lot of potential here...

    1. Timmy(B) profile image60
      Timmy(B)posted 7 years ago

      That phone is awesome but i am not clever enough to answer that question.