Murderer loose in HubPages !! The cold case of Paper Moon's murder.

  1. maven101 profile image80
    maven101posted 10 years ago

    Hello dear friends...Let us revisit the demise of Paper Moon and solve this vexing murder most foul...We will need all our powers of observation, articulation, and humor to lead us to Truth and Justice...We pick up the thread from 14 months ago...

    Scratching the stubble on his hirsute chin, the detective announced " Paper Moon's autopsy indicates death by Hubtivity; I suspect no one; I suspect everyone ".....

    Paper Moon:
    the crowd was milling about, the police not doing a good job at crowd control. Could it be camping dan? The cult leader Christoph? The cult of personality Cris A? Perhaps it was Ryan Hupford, the ring leader. After sending a cake with a file in it to cindyvine, it could have been the Chinese government. Was it a political assassination, or personal? And would someone take that damned paper moon out of the sky, or would they just leave him dangling there at the end of the rope?

    slowly he turned...and reached up, quickly removing the rope from Paper Moon's elongated neck...looking around, the detective noticed....

    Candie V:
    The crowd indeed was not paying attention to the instructions posted about by the patrols....

    Paper Moon:
    One of the onlookers named ethel was so excited by the murder scene, that she posted twice.  What she did not know, was that she too was a suspect in the comment murders, as was Lisa HW.  We now rejoin the detective as he has just noticed a clue......

    There..there under the cardboard sky...a single scarlet glove lay quietly, yet spoke clearly that this was indeed ...

    Paper Moon:
    OJ's glove? No, but it was a clue to who killed paper moon.

    Slyly looking around, the detective studied the onlooker's faces; Ajcor, quickly shifting from foot to foot with a cool aloofness that chilled the room, Candie, trying to shift from foot to foot, but lacking her left foot ( She still hadn't stapled the damn thing back on ) she just stood there, looking guilty as hell, Frieda, with that smug, ripe smile planted on her guileless face, love my yorkies with that Cheshire cat grin, looking like she just ate the canary, and Maven, that clownish smirk telling the world to piss off....the detective was not, he......

  2. love my yorkies profile image59
    love my yorkiesposted 10 years ago

    thought to himself, then talked to himself and then decided to reveal. . . . .a conspiracy?,  a group effort of murder and mayhem,  or was it just a case of BAD CLAMS!!!!!!  Still completely unsure of just WHO or WHAT the murderer was, he decided to test each of the suspects by making them  . . . . .


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