Adsense from 2000 down to 1 in one day?! Help :(

  1. becauseilive profile image93
    becauseiliveposted 9 years ago

    Hey guys,

    I've been away from the HubPages scene for a few months since I started a new job so I'm not aware of anything that's happened in the interim. A few days ago I looked at my HubPages and Google Adsense accounts for the first time since January (which is the last time I received a payment). Since I hadn't received any payments since, and I hadn't published any new hubs, I assumed that I just wasn't getting any traffic to my old hubs.

    So I was surprised to find that I do in fact have money in my Adsense account, but that money has only been accruing since May 15. Then I looked back over the past few months and saw a really bizarre decrease/increase. I think I read somewhere that you're not allowed to discuss your Adsense numbers in detail (or maybe you just can't discuss the $ amount?) so I'll just generalize here so you get the idea:

    JANUARY 21st (and all the days before that) -- 2000+ page impressions
    JANUARY 22nd -- less than 5 page impressions

    It stayed as low as that for the next five months until...

    MAY 13th -- less than 5 page impressions
    MAY 14th -- 2000+ page impressions

    I have never, ever seen such a marked decrease and then a marked increase. Am I missing something? Was HubPages down for like, five months, and then suddenly active again? Is there a reason that there would be such a dramatic PI change? I utilized the Help feature at Adsense but of course all I got was an automated response that didn't answer my question. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  2. Misha profile image73
    Mishaposted 9 years ago

    Welcome back pretty girl smile

    That's a puzzling story you are telling. Did you look at your Hubpages traffic graph under my profile? Do you have Google analytics configured, and if yes does it show the same picture?

    Either way I think you can always send email to the, and they'll look into this. smile

  3. becauseilive profile image93
    becauseiliveposted 9 years ago

    Hey Misha, thanks smile  I did just take a look at my HubPages traffic graph and the amount of page views I was receiving to my hubs actually went UP during this time period of zero Adsense activity (January 08-May 08). I think I'll take your advice and email the HubPages team. Thanks again!