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Text Box

  1. Whitney05 profile image63
    Whitney05posted 9 years ago

    I'm curious if anyone else is having problems with the text capsules.

    I typed in content in the wrong box, and when I cut and paste it to the correct box, clicked "done editing," the content was in both boxes until I added content to the first box. Before I clicked the button, the content was only in one box- the second box.

    Then after I published the hub, I decided that I wanted to add a text capsule above the first text capsule that I already had, and when I clicked "done editing," the capsule was gone, but when I went back to edit the hub, it was still t here. I clicked "done editing" again, and the capsule appeared the second time. Before I pushed the button the first time, the capsule was clicked to appear.

    Anyway, I'm curious if this is a glitch on my end, or if anyone else is having this problem.

    1. weblog profile image49
      weblogposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Not exactly this, but such problems occur with text capsules mostly because of the javascript error. There is an object tinymce(you may see the error in status bar of the browser) that makes this problem whenever it is not loaded properly. That is what I had, Pauldeeds suggested holding shift key and refreshing the page. I did, and that didn't work well. However, the problem got solved on it's own.

  2. weblog profile image49
    weblogposted 9 years ago

    I think this could be helpful...

  3. richgerman profile image51
    richgermanposted 9 years ago

    sometimes the problem was in the hub too..

  4. Health Conscious profile image56
    Health Consciousposted 9 years ago

    gremlins after you and your little dog too.

    Might sound funny but true - easiest thing for us non techies is to close browser, take a break and then come back.
    If that doesn't work clear cache then shut down computer - aggravating but effective.