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Climbing the Backlink Love Mountain

  1. J Sunhawk profile image71
    J Sunhawkposted 7 years ago

    Before I start my backlinking, I want to be sure I understand this, as I don’t want to waste many hours.

    I think I understand the necessity of building backlinks to attract traffic - it’s basic marketing.

    One school argues that your content alone should be sufficient to attract backlinks over time. Well, there’s the problem phrase - “over time.” Can one afford to sit back and allow natural links to build over a period of years? Some people can, some can’t. That’s a discussion for another time.

    Another group tells us to build links ourselves by publishing articles at sites like “She Told Me.” This work earns us a backlink, I’m told.

    It’s suggested that one write many articles to various sites in order to attract a bunch of backlink love. So we need to go to places like Xomba, Red Gage, Snipsley, YouSayToo, DoFollowDig, TipDrop, etc., etc.

    So you write your hub, let’s say on dog biscuits. That article is 1,500 words.

    The next step is to write short articles, or a synopsis of the hub Dog Biscuits, for another 10 or so backlinking sites. Each of those short articles will require writing another 250 words or so.

    Please tell me if I understand this correctly.

    First you write your 1,500 word Hub article. Then to effectively market that Hub, you need to write 10 or so 250 word original articles to the backlinking sites.

    So by the time you’re done, you write 1,500 words for the Hub article, plus another 2,500 words to promote it.

    So here’s the question: Is that the correct strategy?

    And if you’re building a niche hub group of let’s say 10 hubs, that means writing 15,000 words for the 10 hubs, plus another 25,000 words to market these hubs to the backlinking sites.

    I’m trying to understand the scale of production necessary in order to do the job correctly. Once I understand the production figures, I can allot my time better.


  2. Bill Manning profile image75
    Bill Manningposted 7 years ago

    Well you got it mostly right. Of course, everyone will tell you something a little different. I don't think any article needs to be over 400 to 500 words long.

    For backlinks, yes you can make little articles or whatever on other blogs and sites. You also can use forums, if done in a non-spammy way.

    Also comment post on other blogs and news sites, swapping links with other sites and so on. There are a few more but I'm not going tell all my secrets.

    So yeah, you got the basics right. I also highly recommend starting your own hosted websites. In time your own owned sites should be your goal. smile

    1. J Sunhawk profile image71
      J Sunhawkposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for the reply, Bill.

      I'm just looking for signposts on the road so I don't waste my time. I appreciate the nudge in the right direction.

      If, perchance, you're willing to let lose with your "secrets," there's a box of doughnuts waiting for you. I'll throw in a pot of coffee or tea. Your choice.

  3. sunforged profile image74
    sunforgedposted 7 years ago

    Options for developing backlinks and promoting your site/hubs

    Are adsense rev share sites worthwhile?

    The usefulness of the big list of crappy bookmark sites is debatable - they are better than no backlinks - but its not hard to find more powerful methods.

    There is also a matter of scope - i get around $50-60/monthly from those crappy backlink sites - they were probably worth my time investment but they are nothing worth bragging about, for some $50 month from online endeavors is something to be very happy about.

    keep that in mind when reading up on promotion techniques - some only need a site/hub to have a week on top of google to make an income worth their time expenditure, some desire a dependable monthly return - others are developing real substantial income - what they consider to be good methods will be tempered by these considerations

    1. J Sunhawk profile image71
      J Sunhawkposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      sunforged, thanks for the reply. I'll study the reference links you posted. (BTW, Nice Mahayana mandala avatar.)

      Your end paragraph completely flew over my head. I'll pick over it tomorrow and try to interpret the entrails.

  4. Tarin profile image56
    Tarinposted 7 years ago

    I target my backlink articles for verticals or for internet marketers.  Like if I'm writing a height increase article on natural ways to increase HGH, bodybuilders would want to know that information too, as well as fat loss people.

    So I get keyword authority and broaden my niche net to verticals.  You can try that.