What should I write about?

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  1. petertheknight profile image65
    petertheknightposted 13 years ago

    Hi!  I just join hubpages today and wrote my first two articles.  One was on the Master Cleanse that I am doing a little research on and will probably try for myself and the other was a review of the new Harry Potter movie.  I was very surprise to see that I have already gotten like 12 visits on the HP hub and a comment!  I have linked up my google adsense account and the amazon.com thing so I feel like I'm good to go there.

    I guess I would like to know what topics should I write about?  Should it be strictly things that I am very knowledgeable in or do I need to search for popular topics?  I thought there was a place on this site that had a list of topics of what people requested, but I can't seem to find it.

    I did used to have a hubpages account before but I got chewed out by my family for opinions and such, so now I decided that I wanted to just create a writer's name and keep my identity secret.  It's really nice and it gives me a little bit more freedom I feel.

    Anyway, any thoughts on what I should write?

    1. Kimberly Bunch profile image61
      Kimberly Bunchposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I think it would be great if you write about what you are most interested in. Therefore, you can do the research work to learn more about it, take notes, and then write a hub about what you learned about it.

      It is always helpful to have resources as proof to back up your statements.

      *Like doctor so and so says this and where they can find the proof (info) from the research work that was carried out on that subject etc.

      *Or this is how you do this and who invented it...bla bla.

      * Or you can just write whatever comes to your mind. Free style writing (creative writing).

      Any which way you do it make sure you enjoy what you are doing.


      1. petertheknight profile image65
        petertheknightposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Okay...Thanks!  I just had the most wonderful time writing a blog on my favorite Britney Spears songs...and it has been up for like a minute and has gotten 6 hits!  Man, I spent a lot of time and put in as many details to make it the best I could.  It was a lot of fun but now I'm like...phew...I'm glad I'm done.

    2. raising6kids profile image61
      raising6kidsposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I'm new to hubpages as well, I'm writing about family and raising kids. But I say write about what you like and good luck! Enjoy your writing!

  2. YU_First 1 profile image61
    YU_First 1posted 13 years ago

    There is the Idea Bank where you could find something to write about.

    Another way to go about writng here is to answer questions posted; whereby other that simply answering a question in a forum you use the make a hub about it option that is provided.

    Welcome to the Hubbers' Community.

    1. petertheknight profile image65
      petertheknightposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Do you have a link to the idea bank?

  3. Dboston profile image61
    Dbostonposted 13 years ago

    I agree with everything that has been said here. The main reason I am here is for the enjoyment of the community, as well as being able to express myself.

  4. Mark Ewbie profile image80
    Mark Ewbieposted 13 years ago

    I only joined up to make some quick money.  All this word stuff is just boring - why use a long one when a short one will do?  I'll tell you why - it's just showing off.

    Anyway, as soon as I make some big bucks I'm off mate.  Hanging around with a load of writers is damaging my street cred.  Ok I can do the poetry stuff but who wants to?

    Here's an example.
    I like money.
    Lovely, lovely money.
    Who doesn't like money?
    They must be really, er, weird.

    That's class.

    1. WryLilt profile image88
      WryLiltposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Must say Mark that despite the humor in your post, you're absolutely spot on.

      I'm studying journalism and one of the main things I remember being told is "Don't confuse the reader, use short simple words".

      If people don't understand they usually stop reading pretty quickly!

      1. Mark Ewbie profile image80
        Mark Ewbieposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks for finding some useful information within my post WryLilt!  I owe you one.

    2. profile image0
      shazwellynposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      You have a wicked sense of humour Mark! lollol

      1. Mark Ewbie profile image80
        Mark Ewbieposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks Shaz!  Btw I wrote that Adsense click virgin hub.

        But more important than that - I looked at your psychology hub.  Wow!

        1. profile image0
          shazwellynposted 13 years agoin reply to this

          Wow!  Look at you!  This was a fantastic hub of yours!  Very, very clever!  Keep up the good work smile

  5. JP993 profile image70
    JP993posted 13 years ago

    Write about absolutely anything you want, if you pass on your knowledge you will be rewarded.

    Earning money from Hubpages takes a slightly different way to write. You could write 2 hubs on the same subject in 2 different ways, one would make more money than the other just by writing it with the intention of making money from it.

    If your new to article writing get some ebooks or browse the net on how you can write.

    How To's
    Products Reviews

    Are Just a handful of ways you can write. If your here for the fun of writing then look at creative writing but if your here to make money for your efforts then research how you can make money from your articles. Then incorporate that in to what you already know and then once you get some hubs under your belt start researching other areas.

    You are giving ideas what to write about in everyday life you just have to open yourself up to them.

  6. kirstenblog profile image80
    kirstenblogposted 13 years ago

    I can completely sympathize with the excitement of writing here and actually being read and getting comments right away! That is why I am still here, I was hooked within my first hour as a member here!

    A lot of folks have said it is good to write about what you know or are willing and happy to learn about and that is a great way to start for sure! The other things you will want to do is to start playing with the google keyword tool so that you use good keywords for your title and tags. You can get some crazy ideas for stuff to write about and learn about using that little tool.

    It is also very wise to read hubs on keywords and SEO and all that jazz. It is one thing for folks here to read your stuff and it is even better when you start getting loads of search engine traffic reading your stuff, and they can actually turn a hub into a profitable one too big_smile

    You can write about seasonal stuff, if you are set up with amazon for instance now is a good time to think about great christmas ideas that folks might appreciate, they can turn into amazon sales and this is the best time of year for those! Likewise you can write on 'evergreen' topics, stuff that people will search for year round. Take for example, last year I tore a ligament in my ankle really badly. I went searching online for every scrap of info I could find as the doctors were of no help. What I found was total crap. I wrote about that, how the doctors where of little help, the paramedics in the ambulance where the only ones of any help at all! I wrote about what they told me and how long it took to heal, etc. I get major comments there. It seems anytime someone else goes through what I went through they do what I did and thats search for info. I think there is more useful info in my comments then the hub itself but it is still really great to have contributed something of real value to the old internet. I don't actually make much from that hub, I guess people are more interested in reading my stuff then clicking ads! Oh well, it is still worth it!

    Anyway, welcome to HP and happy writing!

    1. petertheknight profile image65
      petertheknightposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Lots of great advice!  Thanks for taking the time to answer me!

  7. Mousumi Paul profile image60
    Mousumi Paulposted 13 years ago

    I think you should write on a topics, in which you are best.Because if you have a very good idea in a topic, your writing excel easily...and will get the traffic automatically...

  8. reindeerz profile image81
    reindeerzposted 13 years ago

    I sometimes decide what I'm going to write about based on what I am looking for on the internet.  I figure if I'm searching for something then others probably are too.  smile

  9. Mrs. J. B. profile image60
    Mrs. J. B.posted 13 years ago

    Write about things that you like. Others that share your interests will follow. Some who know nothing about your topic will check it out also. I love discovering new things.

  10. Craftychic profile image59
    Craftychicposted 13 years ago


    I am new to Hubs, and was not sure what to write about. I suppose you can write about most stuff, start with yourself, then move on to: Family, Friends, Nature, Photography, Books, Mags, Hobbies, School life, Home life, the list goes on and can be endless. Once you start, the bug sets in and you end up with overload of the brain. Write a list and start from the most interested topic, slowly go down the list until you come to the last topic. You can always start a new list when you feel ready. It's like pringles! Once you start you can't stop. 

    Good Luck

  11. Will Apse profile image88
    Will Apseposted 13 years ago

    If you want to make money start finding the keyword phrases that will deliver and become a diligent content farmer. Otherwise any nonsense is fine.

    I would write nonsense myself if I was not locked in a life or death battle with the debt monsters.

  12. profile image50
    TSimmoneposted 13 years ago

    I am also new to daHub. I signed up a few days ago. I know what I want to write about but am not sure how to deliver. How to put it out there to creratively draw in dividends! LOL! That is my purpose-to write for the fun and prophet of it all.
    Since I was knee-hi to duck and able to hold a crayon I began my literary journey. All my mother had to do to pacify me was-chocolate candy, atari and a crayola caddy! Good times indeed!
    I kept journals since '92 and actually think it kept me sane.
    In college I excelled at anything that dealt with writting.
    And a few years ago (about 7) I wrote and recited poetry at the local pub and other local poetry spots. I was even part of a duo dubbed the "Poetry Girls"; but somewhere along the way my love and/or passion for written word became stagnant and stiffled. I think, except for necessary signature here and there, I pretty much stopped writting altogether.
    So,now here I am...on Hub...about to embark on something really rewarding.
    I look forward to being read by and welcomed by you all!!!
    Dot your Is and cross your Ts!


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