Suggestions required

  1. Prince Maak profile image68
    Prince Maakposted 10 years ago

    I expect valuable suggestions from my fellow hubbers, do I arrange the pix in order or keep them as it is in the following hubpage.

  2. Noele profile image49
    Noeleposted 10 years ago

    All websites need traffic - I only discovered this Hub 3 days ago and it is so easy to use!

    Forums are a good place to advertise for free; by creating a signature link to your latest hub, posts you get indexed by search engines and this provides links back to your hub thus increasing the hubs visibility in the page rank.

    NOTE: Check the forum first; many do not permit it.

    I do permit signature links in my forums, however, and even if there are adverts in the signatures, if they don't upset anyone the moderators may even overlook these.

    I have no objection to "Hubsters" advertising their latest hubs on my forums as I am keen to promote this Hub. I love the ease of use and functionality.

    I will not, of course, post any links here without permission; I am merely offering a suggestion.

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      david55posted 10 years ago in reply to this


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