CJ affiliate link won't work - how to adjust it?

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    LJ Jacksonposted 7 years ago

    I've tried multiple things to get a commission junction affiliate link to work in my article. I've only got one, it's relevent, and is not the focus of the article.

    The html editor doesn't like some code in it (the img part?), the link generator wants to sent it to some non-existent hubpage, or will highlight it as through it's a link, but won't let you click on it. I tried using the photo (since I can get some image links), the text, and the link bar. I tried anything I found in the help forum already. None have worked. Zilch.

    I was able to get a link to work to the desired destination page, but I'm pretty sure that didn't have my affiliate code in it, so any sales there wouldn't be credited to me.

    Anybody know how to adapt a CJ generated code to work in a hubpage link? Thanks ahead of time.

    Edited to say I may have stumbled on a way - not sure how. Tried a different text code, let it clean up the html, and for some reason, I think it allowed it this time. Highlighted link seems to take you to the right destination page. Other ideas still welcome, as I'm not confident on this.

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    Website Examinerposted 7 years ago

    HubPages does not accept HTML code, so any widgets or pre-generated code will not work here. You have to create a textual link.

    To create a textual link, type in the text as you want it to appear while in editing mode, then highlight that. Click on the chain icon, then paste in the URL (including the affiliate code) into the box that pops up. Click save, and you are done.

    A maximum of 2 outbound links to the same domain are allowed in each hub.