Using your Adsense ID on sites like SheToldMe, Best-Reviewer, RedGage

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  1. brandonhart100 profile image85
    brandonhart100posted 8 years ago

    and Snipsly.  This is a Four fold question.

    1.) Should you really do it?  I've heard that it might not be a good idea to add your ID to these pages as your link could be worth a lot less in Google's eyes if they see you've linked from one page to the other and both have the same adsense ID.  This goes the same way for blogs like blogspot etc... 

    2.) This question really goes beyond this and into the territory of whether I should have multiple accounts on social bookmarking sites that are dofollow or nofollow, or whether I should just post all of my links under the same profile name.  Does anyone have a good answer to this?

    3.) If the answer to the first question is, since the traffic from these sites is insignificant it might not be worth it, then can I still link from outside webpages of mine that have a different sets of Amazon IDs?  Will Google know that I'm linking one amazon page of mine to the other?

    4.) If you use an account like squidoo that collectively assigns money in the way that they do, then I guess you can assume you are alright directly linking to your own articles, but I'm not positive on that either.

    There has been a lot of discrepancy between various posters on these 4 questions.  Anyone know the REAL answer?


  2. sunforged profile image68
    sunforgedposted 8 years ago

    1) There is no real answer, its likely that Google does or will (in the future)notice an association between linked sites if you use the same adsense id.

    Is the value of the backlink worth more than potential clicks , thats for you to decide.

    You could always do both.

    2) Manual social bookmarking is for the birds - If your accounts are solely to promote and do not provide the intended value that the site hopes for, you would do better to have multiple accounts. Again, manually submitting bookmarks is not a great use of time IMO

    3) They should have no way of associating distinct and separate amazon ids

    4)not likely to be discovered

    ..all conjecture

  3. skyfire profile image70
    skyfireposted 8 years ago

    Best-reviewer owner puts 5 ads on your content with only 1 of your ad. He claims 100% commission for users with such setup.  roll

    Redgage - AFAIK have no adsense sharing but they have their own index for revenue sharing.

    Shetoldme - Left that site few months ago, so not sure what is current setup there. (Shetoldme and best-reviewer has same owner)

    Snipsly - very low impression rate, lots of spam. Do it if you want backlink.

    Squidoo - profitable like hubpages if you're using amazon and other affiliate networks.

    Coming back to your answers -

    1) Yep. It does devalue to some extent.
    2) If google tracks the footprint based on adsense ID then there is no need to worry about profile name.
    4) You can do that with squidoo and links will not be devalued.

  4. brandonhart100 profile image85
    brandonhart100posted 8 years ago

    @Sunforged and Skyfire

    Thanks for your quick response.  Good information is always valuable, but free is even better so thank you for that. 

    @Skyfire As far as different usernames, I was referring to social bookmarking where there would be no adsense ID.  Do you do any social bookmarking?

    @Sunforged - In General, do you feel that Social Bookmarking sites that give you dofollow links are a complete waste of time? (Generally, I do submit to these because of how quickly I can get a backlink.) Do you consider sites like Jumptag, buzzfeed, etc... social bookmarking sites or is that in a different category?

    Thanks again.

  5. skyfire profile image70
    skyfireposted 8 years ago

    I do social bookmarking but very less these days. I'm using and for the automated bookmarking. I'm restricting it to limited social bookmarking sites because for product pages it's less effective. Tech-savvy social bookmarking sites like digg, reddit and delicious traffic don't convert much.

  6. Tarin profile image60
    Tarinposted 8 years ago

    Yes Google probably devalues links from the same adsense id.  However, it's worth more than an internal link as there is still that editorial control.

    The best use of social bookmarking is to get comments so your bookmarks get more comments and to submit enough content to get on the front page.


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