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Best Location for First Photo

  1. bogerk profile image68
    bogerkposted 7 years ago

    I have read it is best to put the first photo as the very first capsule before any content and I have heard it is best to put the first photo in the second capsule so that all the ads are right up front when someone enters a Hub.

    What do you think?


    1. paradigmsearch profile image93
      paradigmsearchposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I always put the first text and photo capsules side-by-side. Pic on right; text on left which wraps around side of and below photo.

      Opinions vary! smile

    2. profile image0
      Donna Ferrierposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I always put them at the top as the first capsule before the text. I used to put them at the bottom until I saw someone else's hub and how attractive their photos looked at the top, so I started putting them there.

  2. wilderness profile image97
    wildernessposted 7 years ago

    If you put the first photo alongside the first text capsule you lose the prime real estate spot for adsense.

    Nor do like it when the first thing a viewer sees is a large photo at the top of the hub.  I've done a couple like that, but don't like them in general.

  3. Mikeydoes profile image76
    Mikeydoesposted 7 years ago

    I'm not sure what is the best idea. I always hear to make sure you have your Ad showing at the top. Seems pretty reasonable to me, and it forces me to write more.

    There is no right or wrong answers, the best thing to do is test it out yourself and really find out.

    For instance, most people say don't use kontera, but I've been using it testing it out myself.

  4. SteveoMc profile image75
    SteveoMcposted 7 years ago

    The first photo should come below the first hub.  This gives your ads a prime location.  It is ad clicks that pay you.   There have been tons of discussions about this, general agreement on the placement of the ads.

    There is some great information on hubpages regarding basics:  http://learningcenter.hubpages.com/

    Look at the HubCamp topic: HubCamp SF: The Ideal Hub, http://learningcenter.hubpages.com/inde … t&t=LC

    This tutorial clearly places the first photo after the first hub.

  5. Valeed profile image81
    Valeedposted 7 years ago

    When I first started hubbing I placed the pic on the very top of my hubs. Then I was suggested to place the pic in the second capsule and I believe it works for sure. We lose on the prime spot for adsense if we put it on the top or on the right of our first capsule. Happy Hubbing!

  6. Mark Ewbie profile image88
    Mark Ewbieposted 7 years ago

    My personal turn off when hub hopping is a picture right at the top.  I immediately move on.  Why do I want to scroll down through a picture in order to start reading some text?

    It's a quick world out there.  Assuming people have keyed in a search term the page has seconds to attract attention.  For me, I want to make an instant decision - which I base on words, not pictures.  If the words aren't there - I move on.

    In financial, Adsense terms - you also need your Adsense in the recommended place.  That is top of the screen, and in the the top right hand column.  There is no argument with this - it just is.

    So if I used pictures, which I don't, hardly at all - then I would place them after the first capsule and ensure I get a nice chunk of Adsense advertising.

    This is my personal view of course.