Anyone else been receiving this sort of Spam comment?

  1. Richieb799 profile image78
    Richieb799posted 7 years ago

    The last few days I have received 2 comments like this, very similar spammy 'begging letters'

    Here is the comment which was actually found on my 'top 5 charity organisations' hub, however the one before that was on a random hub.

    Li Guangming  4 hours ago

    The Call of Love? World of love and compassion: where you are?Please Save my life and business ( China?

    Dear leadership and love people of the Foundation:


    I am a Chinese young people who, unfortunately, a fate, and today, I am far away in Chongqing, China with immense feelings of reverence and sincere letter to you, particularly in China to talk to you about my family situation and my current situation, I hope my Unfortunately, fate and career development of life being difficult to get Your Foundation for help.

    My name is Li Guangming, I am 39 years old, my hometown is a state-level poor counties in Sichuan Province in China, I grew up in Sichuan, China's most remote and poorest most backward economy was born and raised at the foot of a mountain and now lives in Chongqing, China, My father was a primary school teacher, as early as 16 years ago (Oct. 1994) death due to stroke patients. I, a total of 5 brothers, the eldest son of my parents, after his death, the family is very poor, then home for many years been 80-year-old grandfather and grandmother, long-term sick mother, younger brother of the four minors since then, I became one of the backbone, the families had to shoulder a heavy financial burden, I gave up my studies, more than a decade, I has odd jobs to earn money, I ate a lot of suffering, or even several times to sell blood, and finally let my four brothers successfully completed university studies. Currently, I am particularly difficult family life, my wife was laid-off workers of state-owned enterprises, because I sent the four brothers to study, to cure my mother, my grandfather and grandmother support, led me to get married late, my child is only 5 years old (very smart), is a boy, and the result of years of overwork and stress the economy, I would have suffered from mental illness (depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder)), and my right eye has long been blind, left eye normal .

    Dear leadership and love people of the Foundation: At present, I think the early treatment of mental illness is good, and then in Chongqing china to develop my new business, to change the family's poverty, but because of hard-earned money earned is spent over the past four brother and his mother read him medical treatment, maintenance grandparents, in addition to Chongqing in China last year I bought a mortgage Housing, Housingloan 20 million (RMB), the monthly mortgage to the bank shall be paid on time 1000 (RMB), while Over the past four brothers to read and give medical treatment to the mother of the debt by 30 million (RMB), four brothers, the wages are now being gradually repay the debt, together with four brothers, not long working hours, wages little, my wife working in a supermarket in Chongqing, China, only 1,100 yuan monthly salary (RMB), so I do not have medical costs of treating disease and entrepreneurial capital. "A difficult one, P Plus support," Love has no borders, it can not, in my life the most vulnerable and most difficult moments of my career, the only want Your Foundation's help, to help me to treat diseases of the money and my business the early stage capital.

    Dear leadership and love people of the Foundation: I love the peace and love the world, love my country, love my family, 16 years of social experience taught me many things, I used to work in a number of companies, from the company learned a lot boss management knowledge and business experience, and I earn money during the day and at night taught himself English and the law, but also learn marketing, marketing, human resources, service and other management knowledge. In order to repay family debts, in order to shake off the family's poverty, for children's healthy growth, in order to realize their dreams of another (poor mountain home and hope to help primary school children), the best measures, first of all the good treatment of disease in the body After rehabilitation, the use of many of China's Chongqing municipality as soon as business incentives and opportunities to make money. My project is a new area of two rivers in Chongqing, China to open a supermarket, I now no cure for the disease is mainly medical expenses and pre-opening supermarkets in the capital, at present, I have no way out, it can not only expect to Your Foundation for help, only muster courage to write to you and hope that Your Foundation's help, to help me through, give me timely help, and you gave me the most difficult period of the drip of grace, love and sincere dedication to the international, let me cure the disease in Chongqing, China , I realized the cause of development in Chongqing, China's good wishes, I will leadership and love people of Your Foundation will never forget, then I will love to pass on Your Foundation to help the poor mountain home in China and hope primary school children, please You believe me, understand me, care about me, give me one of the most timely assistance, help or assistance is a word, but he put the love in different parts of different countries and friendship between the closely linked, and I certainly do not live up to the leadership and love people the earnest hope of the Foundation! I hope your time in Chongqing, China echo, thank you! My life and the generations will never forget this international love and truth, my use of the funds will aid the cause of development in the treatment and the critical moment, I know that is not pre-opening supermarkets, the amount of capital, the key to understand the snowball of truth, The more profit the more the economy rolling, like bio-cell replication, as such assets would be more and more supermarkets. Only the good treatment of mental illness, efforts to develop business, to resolve all difficulties and my family circle I want to help the Chinese primary schools and home schooling of poor children dream.

    Dear leadership and love people of the Foundation: Currently, I am very anxious in Chongqing, China, economic pressure and stress particularly large, poor family to see the scene, think of the family of 50 million (RMB) in debt, think of themselves not start funds, think of money treating their disease for many years, I am now a blind alley, and the spirit was about to collapse, and the night-night insomnia, could not eat during the day, body weight loss every day. I only thought and thinking about the is the leadership and love people of Your Foundation, wants your help, after the business made money, I will hope for the home and school for poor mountain children the greatest contribution to help the socially vulnerable groups and persons, which is reward leadership and love people of the Foundation of the best way to thank leadership and love people of the Foundation!

    I wish leadership and love people of the Foundation work in your country, good health, Family happiness, Good luck!. Although funds are limited your help, but love and truth such Your Foundation is infinite, Your Foundation for a love can change the rest of my life and the fate of the entire family, I want Your Foundation in Chongqing, China gave me a copies of "Dedication of Love", "As long as everyone contributes a little love, the world will become better World", I am waiting for your reply Chongqing, China and the good news, thank you, Dear leadership and love people of the Foundation! Finally, I Send you a Chinese song, "I wish you peace!"

    Yours sincerely!

    Unfortunately, the fate of a life of Chinese citizens: Li Guangming

    December 31, 2010 in Chongqing, China



    Card Number: 6013823200047691587

    Name: Li Guangming

  2. Rochelle Frank profile image96
    Rochelle Frankposted 7 years ago

    So how much did you send?

    1. kmackey32 profile image68
      kmackey32posted 7 years agoin reply to this



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