Have you ever rescued someone?

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  1. Don Ship profile image71
    Don Shipposted 8 years ago

    What were the circumstances?

    1. Right On Time profile image65
      Right On Timeposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I rescued someone from boredom when they had to give a conference....does this count?

  2. kmackey32 profile image69
    kmackey32posted 8 years ago

    No not that I can think of. Well at work maybe, kinda all the time, so much I dont even think about it...lol

  3. Daniel Carter profile image63
    Daniel Carterposted 8 years ago

    When my son was 2, we were at Yellowstone Park, at the edge of the Snake River. We were throwing rocks in and picked up a heavy rock as big as his head and heaved it over his head, and fell in with it. The current sucked him under instantly. He had a bright red wool sweater on, and I dove in and kept looking for the sweater. I found him, and thankfully got in a place where the current wasn't too swift and stood up, water up to my neck, and held him over my head. Thankfully I was only about 5 feet from the shore, and heaved him as hard as I could to the edge, where some bystanders caught him before he slid back in.

    I had a little trouble getting out of the current, but I made it. That was the most energy draining 10 minutes I can remember. My son is 24 and married with a little boy. He doesn't remember much of it, but he remembers that sweater.

    As a parent, I have always felt extremely fortunate that that event didn't turn deadly.

    1. Pandoras Box profile image70
      Pandoras Boxposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Oh goodness yes. That one came a bit too close. It's a good thing you were near enough.

  4. tritrain profile image81
    tritrainposted 8 years ago


    A fellow rock climber that had fallen.  It was a very difficult experience and changed many people's lives, including my own.  He passed away at the hospital from his injuries.

  5. Patty Inglish, MS profile image93
    Patty Inglish, MSposted 8 years ago

    Maybe - pulled a couple of people back from a curb at different times, when it looked like they might be clipped by a passing motorist. They may or may not have been too close.

    A student once had a bad reaction to medication in classs and I called for help right away. He could have become pretty sick. But saving a drowning person or anything similar, no.

  6. camlo profile image88
    camloposted 8 years ago

    As a teenager, I was learning to rescue drowning people at a local swimming pool, this meant somebody had to pretend to be drowning, and I had to rescue. As it turned out, somebody had to jump in and actually rescue the 'drowning' person from being accidentally strangled by me in my rescue attempt ...

  7. profile image49
    rickjasonhammondposted 8 years ago

    hi my name is rick jason hammond i saved a guy from falling off a very high shelf whear you put furnature like levits furnature he fell his belt stoped him from falling i pulled him up and brought him down.

  8. profile image0
    Tilecleaninghubposted 8 years ago

    My wife was choking on a piece of steak at Old Country Buffet.  She could not even talk and was just sitting there not breathing.  I got up did the heimlick and she coughed out the steak.  Then we sat down and finished our dinner.  Weirdest thing was the place was filled all around us and no one even noticed.


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