Where to advertise articles

  1. blessed365 profile image78
    blessed365posted 7 years ago

    Are we only allowed to link our articles and other fellow Hub pages on Blogs and websites, or can we link in forums, and any of the bookmarking sites like Digg.

    Will we get credit if we have external links to other users hub pages on bookmarking sites too?

    1. HRoger profile image59
      HRogerposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Well,  yes you are allowed to share the links of your HubPages  to other fellow HubPages, to blogs, websites, in forums where you participate.  There is no limit or problem in sharing your information and links.  Do it as much as you can.  If you are writing about CARS,  you can sing up to 10 forums about cars and then interact with the community of those forums and use your HubPages links as your signature or paste the in your posts, if they are relevant to the content you are interacting with . I hope I was a bit of help.

      Take care...