Profile of Hubbers should be recognized as openid -A useful Suggestion

  1. itech profile image78
    itechposted 6 years ago

    I think, If hubpages would integrate a feature of Openid, It will surely be a good decision.

    I mean, as like our blogger (Google service) blog url, if we are allowed to use our hubpages profile url as a openid to post comments and contribute on other sites... Then, It will generate

    1) Good Amount of backlinks to hubpages and will result in Higher reputation of Hubpages in search engines.

    2) Hubpages will gain free advertising whenever we (Hubpages Members) will use that openid while posting on other sites, Means Hubpages reach will be increased.

    3) Many More loyal writers will join hubpages.

    4) We will not hesitate to use our profile url on other sites as becoz we are not doing promotion instead we are posting the url of our real profile.

    Why I'm suggesting this feature is becoz today when while commenting on a article written on a popular website I felt it's need and site won't allowed me to use random url to post comment but Open-id was permitted there.

    Hope, Hubpages staff knows 'What is Open Id?'.

  2. relache profile image90
    relacheposted 6 years ago

    1) It's the the topic of that page linked from not the ID service that determines a "good backlink"

    2) As many other sites allow a URL as part of the name/ID already, this point is moot.

    3) I utterly fail to see the logic behind your thought here.

    4) But when people put links on other sites, they ARE doing promotion...

  3. itech profile image78
    itechposted 6 years ago

    I Have seen results and better Results... that's why I'm Suggesting these feature and I know Hub pages will do a research on this....

    I have one more feature in my mind (fully different from above one) i.e Adding a section on Article(Hub) Page which will show atleast 'Two Latest', 'Two Best' and 'Two hot Hubs' Written by Same Author...

    And, We should Have a option of displaying how many hubs to show on particular hub page upto a limit.

    Ya, I know we can do the same via 'Rss Capsule' but it is little time consuming.