new to hubbing...

  1. ZOOSMC profile image61
    ZOOSMCposted 7 years ago

    So..I have written 2 hubs but not really sure how good......any advice very welcome...thanks...also set up some links but nothing yet...I am constantly reading to gain knowledge to make some $$......

  2. wilderness profile image98
    wildernessposted 7 years ago

    I checked out your ferret hub with the following thoughts:

    Get rid of most if not all the links.  Links should be either to earn you something or to enhance the readers experience.  A reader that has come to read about ferrets isn't likely to be interested in seeing all the hubs about bathroom vanities (or any other hubpages topics) or about job wars for instance.  Reserve your links for something more useful to either you or the reader.

    Your second text capsule needs to be broken up into smaller ones.  This will move the google ad currently at the bottom of the hub into the position just after the second capsule.  It may require changing the Amazon capsule, the link capsule and/or the photo capsule around, but that can be done.  The room will still be available, just in different places.

    I assume you will earn something from the clickbank link, but if not get the amazon capsule ahead of it.  Break up the photo capsule into two and get that amazon capsule higher in the hub.  Ideally it should be high enough that readers can see it without scrolling down.

    Your information is good and it is well written.  Mostly I think you need to optimize it for income if that is what you are wanting from your writing.

    Finally, have patience.  The norm is about 6 months to earn your first $100 payout from google, and this will require pretty steady writing of new hubs.  One or two isn't going to do it.  There have been many hubs written about the early experience on HubPages (including one from me); check out a few of them to see what you might reasonably expect in the way of earnings for the first few months.

    Keep writing and learning; you've made a good start here.