Revenue from Google AdSense, question about Google AdWords

  1. teamrn profile image70
    teamrnposted 7 years ago

    Help, I'm a newbie here and have read the FAQ on both HubPages and Google; I still don't understand. I know no one can predict, but how long might it be before I make a bit of AdSense money. I realize that $100 needs to accrue in my account, before Im paid.

    I also wonder; what really are the AdWords in a Google account? Am i right in thinking that they are keywords that Search Engines like Google use to drive traffic to my Hub articles?

    Do I need to have a website linked to HubPages? I know many of you do. I can't believe these questions; so first-graderish, but I want to create Hub Pages that I can be proud of.

    Finally,  (for now!) are the tags you chose when you make a hub. I see everyone else's tags or keywords in little rounded rectangle. Mine have a big, red 'x' next to them. What gives? Is there a meaning to that?

    Any help or ideas would be appreciated. I want to do more to my HubPages than just write articles. What is meant by bumping  up/bumping down? So much to know, so little time!

  2. Ultimate Hubber profile image60
    Ultimate Hubberposted 7 years ago

    Your tags are fine, like everyone else's. Signout and see some of your hubs to see your tags. You see that cancel sign so that you can remove your tags.

    Adwords is different from Adsense. It is used by advertisers to create and run ad campaigns. You can use the Adwords as a keyword too to see how many time a keyword is being searched.

    You don't need a website linked to hubpages. All you will need is to enter your Adsense details to hubpages to start earning from adsense.

    Yes, no one can predict. But a lot of hubbers have reached payout within their first year at hubpages.

    1. mypleasurefantasy profile image88
      mypleasurefantasyposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      As Ultimate stated: It is very difficult to predict when you will receive payout and most hubbers do reach it within their first year.

      To add:

      Keyword research and niche related Hubs (nice=very rare--your the only one talking about a highly searched for (not popular) topic) that can determine that as well.

      More traffic you drive the more potential you have to get clicks relating to the ads on your hubs.

      Last but not least, your PPC (pay per click) is also driven by how much the advertiser is paying to run that add. So you can have tons of clicks and make no money from it.