Anyone spotted a UFO?

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    ByChanceTVposted 6 years ago

    I'm a local Videographer here in Colorado, and I did a story on a lady who captured UFOs on Video.  Have you ever seen a UFO??  When, Where?

    Video -

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    Neville Walkposted 6 years ago

    Last summer, when taking my nightly walk, I looked up into the bright evening sky and saw a large oval object.  The sun was shining off the object, and it was quite hard to look at it because it was so bright.  I had only been looking at it for a few seconds, when it disappeared.  It did not move away, it was simply there the one moment and gone the next.  I couldn't believe what I had seen.

    Later that same evening, neighbours of mine saw three similar objects, this time in the dark night sky.  We both reported it to the local UFO group.  Reading the local newspaper the following week, I read how several people in my neighbourhood had seen several similar objects in the sky, flying over the main road.  Speaking to a friend some weeks later, she said that she was visiting my neighbourhood that same evening and saw the same object.  So there was certainly something, but what it was I don't know.  Personally, I do not believe that this planet is being visited by alien beings.  I think the technology comes from closer to home.