Beat the recession, buy your children the cartoon tape measure

  1. leo101 profile image57
    leo101posted 7 years ago

    I read an article today, This article is really funny. it explain the reason of buying a cartoon tape measure to send the children as a gift.The reasons are the followings.
    It can not only bring your child the great joy, but also it can cultivate and develop the children’s intelligence and creative mind. And there will be another question: “why?” Well, first, it is cartoon shape, I think most of the children are interested in and love cartoon figures or animal, like monkey style, rabbit, snail, bear, Micky mouse, Donald Duck, etc. If the children love one kind of animal or cartoon figure, then choose them, I believe the children will love it. Second, it is a tape measure, the children can be taught how to measure, how to calculate, even the idea of life. Third, it is cheap. I think it will help a little to the family with tightened living budget in economy recession time.
    After reading this article, i cannot help laughing out. Really funny. Is it that really true that we are in the situation that need to send a little cartoon tape measure as the children's gift? I cannot imagine. Do you?