I have recd the above from kim

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    rachnaposted 10 years ago

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    hello Rachna! yes I copied some good poems from net.
    those were really good poems, some poems was written by me.Now I cannot publish any of them here because it is against the rules of hubpages

    I have recd the above from kim
    And I would like to tell KIM that what she did was illegal because she never took my permission to copy and post my words in her hubs. i have no intention to be found on net with writing os others which are copy and and have not essence or relation to my style of writing
    Whether its me or any author because most of the works by KIM and Maxpress are total copies

    Fellow Hubbers
    I know you have been feeling the brunt and irritation but i had no option to fight out in open { forum } . I also wanted to be there in the forum because this way many new hubbers will understand the problems when they copy the content from net
    Since Kim has delted the hindi from her profile content which KIM had copied directly from my blog I will not bother you again but if there will be any posting not just me but 800 bloggers from hindi are now keeping a tab to find out and get the content deleted

    Hub Team
    Jason thank you for your mails and for the effort that you guys have put in to make rule implementation on your site
    we were harsh to you but our options were very limited and if you see in broader contest you will understand the pain that the person gets when they find that their things are stolen

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    drjcpposted 10 years ago

    Of all the people who are keeping an eye on Hub Pages, I am one.

    A certain Kim (http://hubpages.com/profile/kim) claims that she had written a lot of Hindi poems, in addition to plagiarizing articles on Rachna Singh.

    Since, the picture of Kim looks like that of an American blond, I have no reason to believe that she could have composed poems in Hindi -- unless she had the gift of tongues which many Pentecostals claim. What is more, if she really had such a gift, she would not have plagiarized from Hindi.

    Anyway, if any of you friends is ever tempted to help yourself to the writings of any other Hindi writer, we would see that is is made inconvenient for you to do so.

    I am thankful to Jason who has been very helpful, courteous, and understanding. He gave me a lot of feedback on my complaints.

    Dr. Johnson C. Philip

    PS: if any of you wish to use English articles, you can legally use hundreds of my articles. All what is needed is an acknowledgment in keeping with the laws of Creative Commons Copyright. Why do things illegally when legal options are numerous.