How much work is involved in keeping my hub score above 75?

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  1. dobo700 profile image61
    dobo700posted 11 years ago

    How much work is involved in keeping my hub score above 75?

  2. Lwelch profile image82
    Lwelchposted 11 years ago

    Mine has been above 75 consistently forever.  I write a few comments here and there and do 4 hubs/month - I didn't used to do that though.  All I used to do was reply to my hub comments - score was high then too.

  3. JP993 profile image71
    JP993posted 11 years ago

    It's not hard to keep your score above that level. There are many aspects your hub score reflects.

    But just a basic guide write good quality articles, the easy way to do this is by writing about stuff you're passionate and know a lot about, no need to pump out 100 articles a day just write good quality as and when and be active in the hubpages community by reading other peaoples work and commenting and share their stuff.

    Keep active, write good content and your score should always sit above 75.

  4. profile image0
    calculus-geometryposted 11 years ago

    First get it over the hump of 80. Then just periodically log in and comment here and there, answer and ask a few questions here and there. Maybe add one or two hubs a month.  It should be enough to keep the author score above the threshold to have your links do-follow.

    From the looks of your profile, it says you have 44 hubs published, but only 6 appear on your page.  That means you have a lot of idle hubs, which can drag the score down.  To de-idle them, all you need to do is edit them. You can add pictures to the image-less hubs or change a few words. Even fixing a single typo can get it out of limbo, as I have seen for myself in my own account. Good luck.

  5. Rain Defence profile image81
    Rain Defenceposted 11 years ago

    I haven't had to do anything to keep mine above 75. I write a hub, or comment when I feel like it, sometimes that's several in one day, sometimes I leave a gap of weeks at a time. There's nothing to it!

  6. Funom Makama 3 profile image67
    Funom Makama 3posted 11 years ago

    Do not focus on the work you need to do to maintain your hub score, or else, you will end up stressing urself and subjecting yourself into unecessary obligations. Just continue writing quality hubs, comment on the hubs of your fans and those you follow, vote up and answer questions. Do all these naturally and enjoy doing them, then you will see your hubscore grow naturally as well.

  7. freecampingaussie profile image63
    freecampingaussieposted 11 years ago

    Enjoy your time here  make sure you log in , answer a question, join in on the forums , leave comments on other peoples hubs etc . I enjoy visiting here everyday to see if there are any comments on my hubs/answers to my questions / check the forum - Reccommend another hubbers hub etc .love your photo as we spent a lot of time there ! Used to buy fish n cips , bottle of wine and watch the action there . Have fun !

  8. CZCZCZ profile image90
    CZCZCZposted 11 years ago

    I dont think it will be that difficult.  One thing that I know has kept my score higher is by commenting on a hub occasionally as well answering a question in the question section every once in a while.  It is not something that you will need to do every day in order to maintain an above 75 score, but I think you will see rapid improvements in your score if those are areas you have not been very active with yet on hubpages.

    1. DS Duby profile image85
      DS Dubyposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Great answer, my thoughts exactly

  9. nanderson500 profile image82
    nanderson500posted 11 years ago

    Staying above 75 should be easy as long as your are reasonably active and write quality hubs. My score consistently stays in the 90s, as do many, many other hubbers' scores. Sometimes the score can fluctuate for no apparent reason, but it shouldn't fall anywhere near 75.

  10. Rock_nj profile image91
    Rock_njposted 11 years ago

    Not that hard.  Just writing Hubs on a regular basis and participating in the HubPages community by commenting on Hubs and questions should keep your score well above 75.

  11. Petra Vlah profile image59
    Petra Vlahposted 11 years ago

    Your hub's score does not matter and it is nothing more than an arbitrary way determined by God knows who. For sure does not reflect the quality of your writing so why worry about an algorim

    1. profile image0
      calculus-geometryposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      It only matters if you are using your hubpages account to build links to other sites you own.  Then you need a score of at least 75 to make the links do-follow.

  12. DS Duby profile image85
    DS Dubyposted 11 years ago

    Just try to be somewhat active within the community. Answer questions now and then, comment on hubs and such. Writing hubs doesn't actually raise your score though but not writing for a long time might lower it. It can be complicated

  13. WryLilt profile image88
    WryLiltposted 11 years ago

    For profile score - none.

    I have a few other accounts and one hasn't been written on or used in a year. It has a handful of hubs and hangs around 80.

    The score is really there to stop spammers.

  14. LucidDreams profile image66
    LucidDreamsposted 11 years ago

    Not a lot really. Just writ qaulity content and link to authority sites. Keep your speeling in check and get a little involved with commenting and such. Keeping your score kind of high helps but is not the end all. Just make sure to do enough and write quality articles and you will be good to go.

  15. profile image0
    chrisinhawaiiposted 11 years ago

    Hi dobo700!  We're talking about your hubber/writer score on your picture and not the score on an individual hub right?  I think your focus should be less about raising your score and more about NOT lowering it.  For instance, you're currently following 3x as many hubbers as are following you.  To the HubPages system, that can look kinda spammy, and it often results in a lower score.  My hubber score dropped from the 90's to the 70's and stayed there for a long time...until I unfollowed a whole bunch of people whose hubs weren't interesting me all that much anymore.  After unfollowing a bunch of people, my score climbed back up.  Beyond that, just follow the other advice offered here...publish hubs every now and then and comment when you can.  Longer comments tend to be appreciated more than short ones, and I suspect that they could even raise your score.  Another tip:  following hubbers who write hubs in the same niches/topics that you do can raise your score.  I've noticed that following a lot of people in a variety of random niches lowered my score, but when I followed a bunch of hubbers in my own score improved.  But do keep in mind that your score will go up and down - even when you do nothing!  You're doing well to want it to stay above 75, though, so that your outbound links will work.  I think the bottom line is that if you just follow hubbers that you really like and publish and comment every now and then, you should be fine.  By the way, I have another HP account where I follow nobody and nobody follows me, and I don't use it for commenting.  It's only got a handful of hubs and the score is in the 80's, so I think what you DON'T do is just as important as what you DO.  My suggestion:  if you're not reading and commenting on all those hubbers you're following, then just unfollow a bunch of them and only follow the ones that you will actually read and comment on.  Good luck and keep on hubbin!  Aloha

  16. PHILLYDREAMER profile image80
    PHILLYDREAMERposted 11 years ago

    A hub that gets consistent traffic will usually stay within that range.  There are other factors involved, but my best advice is to use the right keywords that are popular in the search engines, and keep plugging your articles on the social networks.

  17. Au fait profile image86
    Au faitposted 11 years ago

    Thought this URL to a hub written by one of the seers of hubpages might help you gain some perspective on this issue.

  18. iviskei profile image70
    iviskeiposted 11 years ago

    Huh....I really don't know. Mine has been over 75 since I started posting hubs. My best advice is just stay active.

  19. Jason Matthews profile image84
    Jason Matthewsposted 11 years ago

    I would say, not much, but here are some of my thoughts. From my experience and understanding, your hub score has a lot to do with the number of pageviews you are receiving. Your score can also be boosted through your interactions with others on HubPages: commenting, voting, helping with Hub Hopper, etc... Quality content is also important. If you have a hub that isn't quality and isn't getting any pageviews, then you want to do everything you can to "fix" the hub and make it more attractive. Using the Title Tuner ( might be a good place to start. Also ask around like you are doing now to get feedback and ideas from other hubbers. But if you cannot improve in a hub of poor quality, it is probably better to just delete it and right another hub. I hope this helps!

  20. Wesley Meacham profile image59
    Wesley Meachamposted 11 years ago

    Honestly.... staying above 75 takes almost no effort. If you merely post a new hub once a week and do nothing else you can get above 75. The higher quality your hubs are the better.

    I noticed that someone mentioned you've followed a lot of people. They are correct in that this negatively impacts your score. You can't treat HP like any other social networking platform. On myspace you can follow hundreds of people for no reason and most of them will follow you back. You can't do that here. people have tried and it doesn't work. And HP looks at it negatively also. Do a bit of prunning here. I need to go back prune out some of the people I'm following too. Follow people only if they write something that you want to read. If you're not intersted in their writing, drop them.

    Also, take some time to use the hub hopper (I know it's painful but once or twice a week wont kill you). Post a few comments in the forums (try to ignore the spam in there). Ask and answer some questions. Your hubscore will move up.

    Having said that...

    Don't worry too much about your hubscore. It's truly not that important.

  21. Nellieanna profile image68
    Nellieannaposted 11 years ago

    Work?  This is or should be something we do primarily for the pleasure of it! Writing that is anguished attracts few real followers. The enthusiasm and genuine interest in writing and interacting with other writers just propels the score along.  It may bounce back and forth depending on internal factors but it will grow as you grow and participate in what this is all about!  Don't  focus on scores but, rather, on making this a vital activity that you enjoy - and then, enjoy it!  Watch your scores respond!

    Heed what the other answerers have said: - Wesley has brought up excellent points, as have Jason, Funom and others.  Score happens when you're working on writing quality hubs and actually interacting with the folks you follow and who follow you; and you enjoy it besides.  Be sure to acknowledge comments left on your hubs.  This generates more interaction and that generates your success.

  22. iefox5 profile image59
    iefox5posted 11 years ago

    It is not hard to keep your hub score above 75. Reply a few hubs and answer a few questions everyday.


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