Make Money on Hubpage: Expose Your Competitors For Spammy Backlinks

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    SpamLeakposted 6 years ago

    Guys, maybe you have done many keyword research and found some very good keywords with high CPC, and you make a hub with it. But it never get indexed why?

    Maybe you haven't used backlinks with that keyword as anchor text to link back to your hub?

    Let say you have done that, but why does it take so long to index it still?

    Because some hubbers already have that keyword indexed on Google and got ranked high for it.

    Many spammers have been using and

    Beware because they might use illegit backlinks to dominate the keywords you are looking to get ranked and indexed for. As a result, Google won't rank yours because you have less backlinks for that keyword.

    What should we do to clean up and so we can make money and get indexed fast like in the good old day on hubpage and big squid?

    Report the spammy to Google! How?

    See the hub: "Why Are You Making So Little Money On Hubpage? Spammers Stole It!"

    What do you think?