Google's Policy changes and HubPages

  1. slideseven profile image58
    slidesevenposted 7 years ago

    Having just read up on the recent Google Policy changes and their statement that 'they want to raise standards of quality on the Internet' and how they slapped Hubpages and several others for 'low quality content' or words to that effect, I think that is outragous.
    Sure they can do what the heck they want with their own company, but if they want to be 'Lord and Master' on the search engines and want to improve qaulity of content on the Internet -as the most used search engine-they should start by banning pornography sites entirely!
    But of course they won't as this is a huge souce of revenue, as most people that want to view such depravity will more likely use Google search engine to find porn sites as this is usually (but not always of course if you are configured to an ISP setting) the first search engine to come on your screen when you go onto the Internet.
    As to quality of content on Hubs, in my opinion, it is far higher than the trivial nonsense seen on Twitter or Facebook.
    OK there is no harm in people just using such social sites for a bit of fun, and I see no harm in people writing an article on Hubpages either! For starters, HubPages would NEVER allow any new hub post to have malicious or pornographic content.

    So I think Google excutives have got it wrong in their recent policy changes with their God -like decisions that 'farm' websites should have less SEO exposure with them.
    There now, I feel so much better!
    James Stirling. (slideseven)

  2. Apepperson profile image59
    Apeppersonposted 7 years ago

    Well, a lot of my Hubs are still doing well. Of course, I have quite a few backlinks to them.

    We go through this "the sky is falling" thing everytime Google has an algo change. This one is no different.

    As for Google, if they really wanted to get rid of low content, made for Adsense pages on the Internet, then they'd hit ehow up for a -50 penalty. It has to be one of the spammiest sites I've found. Some of their top ranking content isn't 200 words long and obviously copied from other Internet content!

    Makes you wonder what type of relationship exist between ehow and Google.